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Rocky Horror Picture Show

  • 8th Nov, 2005 at 1:41 AM

As I mentioned before, I was organising the office trip to the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween night. People were disappointed that there was no midnight showing, but I am not to blame for these sorts of things. Between picking a showing at midnight and a showing on Halloween, I had to prefer the one that was on the right day.

On Monday, I went around the office reminding people about the show. Some people had agreed to this plan, but forgot, so they scheduled something that overlapped. They tried to weasel out of this, but I kept notes as to who was coming and who I should remind. So our party shrunk a bit, but this wasn't too bad.

Jim showed up with a couple of tickets, one of which he sold to Stephen. So a small contingent of eight left for the theatre. It was held again at the Theatre Corona, where we saw it two years ago. Jim was down at the front of the balcony, dancing along with Jana. I was sitting next to Julie and Avery, on old folding seats.

This year, we arrived to see two lineups. One for "haves" and one for "have-nots". Since Adrian did not have a ticket, I think he waited a while in the "have-nots" line, but we didn't see him again until much later. We waited about, I handed out candy to random passer-bys, and we saw some Canonical people that Jeff had brought out. We saw Jana dressed up to perform as she was in the show this year, one of the compelling reasons that Jim came to town. Once inside, the group of us managed to get seats near the front of the balcony, even though we arrived quite late.

This was not very late, however, since the show took over an hour to start. By then, the crowd was getting rowdy and raucous: with chants of "Rocky" and general stomping resonating through the theatre. Every so often, someone would get on the stage to keep the audience occupied, but this was not particularly useful.

Then Plastik Patrik came on the stage and began the show. As usual, they started off with a little introduction, but this year they did not have a scandalous contest to start. Instead, Plastik launched right into the costume contest. There were the standard entries: an elabourate costume (a salmon), a scary costume (a guy in a mask), a very scary costume (a fat guy in gold underwear), slutty lesbians (who weren't slutty at all), and a BDSM-themed thing (the sub was not).

So it came down to the last man, who introduced himself as Doctor Livingstone. He wasn't even dressed up in a fancy costume or anything, so we all assumed that the salmon was going to win the show. It was a pretty impressive fish costume! But then, Livingstone called out for Jen to come down on stage, the spotlight swung over, and she started making her way down. At this point, I knew this man had to win. Jen went up on stage, hesitanttly; Livingstone got down on one knee and proposed. There was much screaming and cheering! And rice was thrown at the couple as she said "yes". It was really touching. You just can't beat proposing at the Rocky Horror Picture Show when there's an entire audience with bags of rice in hand.

The film was actually not very fun to watch because the Voice kept on interjecting too often and too loudly. But we all got to throw things at other people: I smacked Jim in the face, and he drenched me with water. Good times. After the show was over, Tarun looked a little shocked and I was afraid that we broke him. But we went outside and it seems like most of us had a good, if not strange, time.

Pierre and Susana left to go home, so the rest of us walked back to the co-op house, where Tarun and Stephen Hamer decided to retire. Shrugging this off, Jim, Philip, Will and I went to Dunn's to sup. That was rather tasty, although the "fat" smoked-meat sandwich is always a "medium". After stuffing ourselves, we decided to party ways and go home.


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8th Nov, 2005 07:05 (UTC)
Two years ago, when Julie came with us and Jim danced at the front of the balcony, it had been at the Rialto. It's only since last year it has been at the Corona.

I found the pair of slutty lesbians about adequately slutty, but clearly not lesbian. The sub wasn't, and the top was hardly too. A disgrace. Of the three years I've been, I think this was the worst.

I never know what to order at Dunn's. I usually order the medium, because that's what I want, and then it comes out too dry, so I try to remember to order fat the next time, but the last time I ordered medium and I actually got something that seemed medium (not dry, but not full of fat). But it seems it was just a fluke.
8th Nov, 2005 13:49 (UTC)
Oh, the Rialto. I thought it was different, but Jim assured me that I was hallucinating.
8th Nov, 2005 13:50 (UTC)
Asking Jim for a reality check... Simon, you're quite silly!
8th Nov, 2005 15:19 (UTC)
The best way to see Rocky is when the entire audience takes turn jumping up on stage and yelling out lines. It's no fun (for me) if a small group of people are paid to do it and won't let anyone else on their stage.
9th Jul, 2006 00:50 (UTC)
Slutty Lesbians
HAAHHAHAHAHAH. I was one of those "Slutty lesbians" onstage. Just so you know, we're not actually lesbians. We just did it out of a moment of spontenaiety.
9th Jul, 2006 04:20 (UTC)
Re: Slutty Lesbians
Did you have fun, then? It looks like you did.
9th Jul, 2006 19:58 (UTC)
Re: Slutty Lesbians
Yep. It was pretty exhilarating. we were happy we won something haha.
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