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Party at Brian's

  • 9th Nov, 2005 at 5:35 PM

Last Wednesday, I went to evildrgo's dinner party.

He had returned from Boston to take a week off, so this party would be one of the rare occasions to see him. He's almost never in town, so it's truly difficult to get together with them. We keep on saying that we'll tear about the town, and perhaps one day we will.

I arrived at Brian's place a little late, but the place was still pretty empty. I saw Matt and Julian there. I'd met Julian the previous party last time I was at Brian's place. Matt was there writing in his notebook, but he looked up to say "hi." We had cancelled shiatsu to attend this party, but I decided to make it up to him by getting two massages this week.

I didn't know that this was supposed to be a potlatch party, so all I did was bottle of wine. But lola_jean showed up soon after I did with a homemade pumpkin pie and fresh whipped cream. Soon, other people arrived with more desserts in hand and we had a table full of cookies, cakes, and sweets.

Brian had been tending to the oven while we'd been chatting, and pulled out some drunked shrimp at this time. We sat around munching away at those, even though they were exceedingly hot. Soon, the meal was ready and he started jointing the chicken while I began slicing some giant yams. These were not large yams, they were humungeous yams the size of a small skillet. Then Brian started doling on the roast lamb.

With food on my paper plate, I walked into the living room. From a previous encounter, I knew Richard, Kingsley, and Rachel. And I finally got to meet abelynx, whom I've heard many good things about. We ate and chatted and watched some music videos from the 1980s.

I sort of faded out at around this time, because it was getting late on a weekday. I'm sure that I invited some people to a dinner party, though. When I became aware of my surroundings again, people were starting to tell Brian what a wonderful party he threw. I joined them, put on my coat, and then left to walk home. Sadly, I didn't bring my camera so I have no photographs of this wonderful time.