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  • 17th Apr, 2004 at 8:33 AM

I'm writing this a half-hour before my MSCI 211 exam, which I've been taking by distance education. This means that they collect you in a big room with other people (only linked to you by two facts: 1. you are in the same geographic region and 2. you take a course at Waterloo) and only one proctor who has no clue about your exam. So you are left to sink or swim, and hope that your exam questions aren't too ambiguous.

After that three-hour experience, I will return to the CSC office to get some system administration done. Yesterday, I met with kraig to get perpugilliam out of the server room. It's now sitting in the office, plugged into the wall, waiting for me to open it up. Then I will install some new hard disks, a working CD-ROM drive, and then start copying data over to the new disks. This should take lots of time.

Time that I can use productively. I just started writing a wrapper around finger that prevents it from downloading our entire LDAP database to search for a username. Once I'm done that, I'll package it for Debian and upload it. Somebody should remind me to talk to Herbert Xu (finger) and Stephen Frost (libnss-ldap) for how they want this done. I'm thinking that a dpkg-divert is pretty hacky, and I'd like to use alternatives, but it depends on what Herbert thinks. And a Recommends would be nice from Stephen.

After that, I'll try to get dvipkps to properly rewrite a PostScript file. I figure that by the end of the day, this should be working well enough to show to Prof. Malton. I'll try to get a Research Assistant job with him for the Fall. Next week is probably a good time to do this, since I'll need to leave for NITI soon.


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17th Apr, 2004 14:07 (UTC)

That was one short exam. A hundred multiple choice questions with a three-hour time limit. It took me about forty-five minutes. Then I had to wait until a hour was up before I could leave.

Ah well, this gives me time to breakfast.

17th Apr, 2004 16:31 (UTC)
There are a lot of people on campus who were taking that course! darkbeforedawn was one who happens to be on LJ. Me too, of course. :)

Except that my MSCI 211 Exam is in 1 and a half hours from now. Go proctor!!! :) I love OPD! ;)

100 MC questions in 3 hours though...that can't be too bad. :)
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