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Brian's at party

  • 11th Nov, 2005 at 12:35 PM

My resolve to host tea parties has not really diminished my love for dinner parties. Since evildrgo had me over for dinner, the least I could do was to return the favour. I invited him to bring friends over and we'd have a proper feast.

The only day we were both free was Tuesday, so a middle-of-the-week party it was. Brian showed up with Rachel, and I invited Damian and angorian to dine with us. We started with baguette with sundried-tomato pesto, followed with a smoked-salmon soba salad, moved on to ravioli in basil pesto, and carved into a Portuguese grilled chicken with roasted vegetables. For dessert, there were simple pears poached in port, accompanied by cheddar.

I'll have to admit that I totally cheated for this meal. The sundried-tomato pesto was store-bought, but still wonderful to dig into. The ravioli was also store-bought, since churning them out without a pasta maker is just silly. Perhaps I will try to convince my parents that they don't need theirs any more. And the grilled chicken was bought from Romados, which is ludicrously popular.

We ate and ate and ate, chatted until midnight, and then retired for the night. Brian and his friends are marvellous, so I'll be sure to invite more of them over in the future.


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11th Nov, 2005 17:47 (UTC)
Pasta makers actually aren't that expensive. I bought mine at Williams-Sonoma (which is just a stupid place to buy a pasta maker, but I had a gift certificate and didn't want anything else in the price range of the gift certificate) and it was still only about $50.

Store-bought or not, sundried-tomato pesto sounds like a great way to start a meal. I need to start serving some sort of easy appetizer like that so I'm less stressed when the main takes longer to cook than I planned.
11th Nov, 2005 18:10 (UTC)
My first course is almost always finger-food that can be prepared ahead of time. My second course is almost always cutlery food that can be prepared in advance.

This gives my mains time to cook. I just set a timer and chat until it goes off.
11th Nov, 2005 19:18 (UTC)
Ooh, that sounds delicious. I'm sorry I missed it!
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