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Waterloo in December

  • 15th Nov, 2005 at 1:33 PM

It is becoming more and more likely that I'll be coming to Waterloo on the night of 8 December, and leaving Sunday afternoon. I would leave later, but the sleeper train doesn't run between Toronto and Montréal anymore. Does this make anyone else sad?

Anyway, if this is a bad weekend for you, then please change my mind by voting in this fun poll. I know it's right at the beginning of finals, so this puts a little hamper on the festivities. However, it is right after final assignments are due, so perhaps this isn't so bad.

I have the hankerings for hosting a party, because I am now certifiably insane. What this means to you is (a) more FIGlet on your friends list, (b) tasty food to consume, and (c) a fun way to procrastinate during the exam period. What I do need is a place to host this party, so people with lots of comfortable floor space should volunteer.

Because you should always volunteer for awesomeness.


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15th Nov, 2005 22:32 (UTC)
Hey! I want to volunteer! I have space! \
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