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  • 20th Nov, 2005 at 1:12 AM

I had Mouse and his lady friend over for dinner last night. I've been wanting to have Mouse over for dinner for months now, but he never seems to be in town on the weekends. This weekend, however, was quite the exception.

At lunch, I didn't eat in time so I think my stomach got quite upset at me. This made me feel ill prepared to do a whole lot of grocery shopping. So I opted to make only a simple meal instead of a fancy weekend meal. We started with hummus and pita, then we ate some tabbouleh. The main course was a simple storebought cheese and spinach ravioli in yellow pepper pesto. Then we finished with some pineapple cheesecake that Mouse brought over.

After dinner, we played three-person Euchre. I hadn't played in a very long time, not since high-school, so I was behind for the first half of the game. But I managed to make a comeback from my rather pathetic position. In my last hand, I completely expected to get Euchred but instead was struck by a tremendous stroke of luck. Hurray for lucky victories.

As my guests left, I extracted solemn promises to have them over more often, even though one of them is from out of town. I think memories of tonight's dinner might be more persuasive than simple cajoling.



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20th Nov, 2005 13:18 (UTC)
Euchre... such a waterloo gam.e
20th Nov, 2005 19:21 (UTC)
When I was in Waterloo, standard card games had faded out in favour of CCGs. I'm afraid that I did not approve of the trend, and so my Euchre and Mao skills faded while I was there.
20th Nov, 2005 15:39 (UTC)
I should have known you would know Mouse. Too bad we can't get him on LJ.
20th Nov, 2005 22:50 (UTC)
lt would be odd for someone like Mouse to use LiveJournal. l really would be quite puzzled if he started.
22nd Nov, 2005 11:07 (UTC)
Nice meeting you at the SQIL party
Is that "mouse" @ rodents.montreal ? Such a small world ;)

BTW, thanks for dropping by the Free Software Week party we had last Saturday. Oh, I'm Robin. Hope to see you again soon !
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