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Sysadmin Recovery

  • 19th Apr, 2004 at 5:07 PM

All my system administration work is done. I'm fairly happy with the CSC machines now, after all my whinging and complaining over the past four years. Only three things are left to do, but they will probably be done after my time:

  • Setup relay_recipient_maps for Postfix on carbonated-water
  • Configure Postfix to deliver to Maildirs
  • Get our own network switch

I'm sure that future sysadmins would be happy to do this thankless task. Now it is time to study for my next exam.


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20th Apr, 2004 04:24 (UTC)
Ya know, for all that you keep saying how you have no time and for all that I keep harassing you and bugging you, you're the best sysadmin the CSC has had in a while.

24th Apr, 2004 05:50 (UTC)
Um... I hate to do this to you, but... Don't know if it's just me or not, but mail appears to be broken on Peri, both for myself and for at least one mailing list I administer.
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