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Real estate

  • 25th Nov, 2005 at 1:11 AM

I have recently returned from a night on the town with dcoombs. Tonight was the second Centaur production of the season, and what a night. Cold, blowing snow that whistled around everywhere, as we walked down the streets of Chinatown. So we were quite glad to duck into a warm and bright restaurant for dinner.

I haven't been to Phở Bằng New York since they moved across the street to their new location. I remember them doing very brisk service to a very packed restaurant, so walking in the door was very shocking. The interior decoration was bright and very clean. They still sat people together at tables, but now there was space to walk between them. And the bathrooms were very, very clean.

Dave and I split an order of imperial rolls and I ordered a bowl of phở with all sorts of tasty bits inside it. The imperial rolls were a little on the greasy side and the nước chấm is just not as compelling as it could have been. The phở was fairly tasty with very fresh noodles and a generous portion of basil, but they skimped a bit on the meat. The saddest part was the soup base, which tasted mostly of cloves and little of chicken. It's not as good as Phở Lien, but good enough to go to if you're close to Chinatown. Plus, you can drown everything in sriracha, which makes things alright.

After dinner, we paid and waddled over to the theatre. We saw Real Estate which described itself as a romantic comedy. I always have very interesting conversations with Dave after a play, so I've always wanted to see a romantic comedy with him. To hear his thoughts on the matter, of course.

Since the play is a comedy, I expected fast and witty lines delivered with impeccable timing. This is exactly what we received and more! We received plenty of embarrasing behaviour by a particular actress, who executed it so very, very well. I was compelled to hide behind my coat in shame. As usual, even petty, silly plays like this are worthwhile because you see some very powerful emotions play out on stage.

Sadly, I forgot to ask Dave's opinion of the show; I really should do that later today.