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Return to Québec

  • 22nd Apr, 2004 at 9:28 PM

I finished my last exam yesterday and finally got some sleep. It's hard to believe that I'm done my undergraduate career. Tempus fugit.

Today I went to renew my temporary driver's licence, so that I can rent a station wagon. This will be followed by about nine to ten hours of continuous driving. I'll be moving Kelley to Montréal, where he'll be starting work a week early. Julie and I will be looking for housing for the three of us. With any luck, we'll find a decent sublet for three people from May for four months.


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23rd Apr, 2004 05:29 (UTC)
Great place
Montreal is a great place to live! I am sure you will enjoy it as long as you keep an open mind about the winters.. (oh, and learn to root for the Habs!) Congrats on finishing undergrad.
23rd Apr, 2004 13:21 (UTC)
I'm in Mtr right now (sur le plateau)... If I had a way to communicate without giving my address to every spammer in the world (no I do not wish to join LiveJournal) I could help you out as far as finding a centrally located pad.

Old BSD guy and deb original
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