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Grocery shopping

  • 27th Nov, 2005 at 9:29 PM

I spent yesterday morning doing a little bit of grocery shopping and decided to explore the Main.

I haven't been nosy enough with the local shops in my neighbourhood, so I decided to look into La Vieille Europe. I've been there once or twice, but only for cursury glances. The conclusion I came to was that this store is pretty good for packaged and prepared goods. There are a couple of gems to go specifically for, but the rest of the store caters a lot to yuppies who want to buy fancy continental sauces, instead of honest ingredients. Still, it looks like a good place to pick up something if I don't want to hike all the way up to Jean-Talon.

There are plenty of fun stores with large stands of produce. It's looking sort of pathetic at this time of year, but that's not much of a problem since it is winter. I'll have to look into them come summer. I was looking for the store that has all its bulk goods in large plastic garbage cans, but couldn't see it.

Oh! I found a store called Le Traiteur du Terroir which is this tiny little deli. They have things like sandwiches and things, but the most awesome thing is that they have a smokehouse in the back. So instead of buying their sausages, I can make them myself and bring them in to smoke. Or even chickens and the like. Yay! I bought a hunk of their streaky bacon to see if I like it.

After I finished shopping, I went home and made a batch of brownies with walnuts in them. This is when I realised that my oven has this huge temperature gradient and moved things around to correct this. This caused the brownies to turn out properly, instead of raw.

Once the brownies were in a plastic tub, I had to throw them into my bag and dash off to a concert.