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Excitement on Saturday morning

  • 4th Dec, 2005 at 1:41 AM

Yesterday morning, I got up bright and early to get some laundry done. There's a large washer and drier in the basement, but they service my entire building which has fourteen units in it. So it gets used a lot on the weekends. My strategy is to wake up early to do laundry, because only little kids get up early on Saturday mornings. And they're too busy watching cartoons to bother with the washing.

I had just taken my blues and greens out of the washer when I noticed this odd whoosh sound. The laundry room is also the furnace room, so I looked to my left to see what was the matter. It appears that the hot-water tank had spontaneously become incontinent. A chunk of the bottom had fallen out and now a small river had formed between it and the drain in the basement floor.

Well, I took my laundry basket full of wet clothes up to my apartment where I hung them up to dry. Then I put on my coat and went over to the landlord's door. His son answered and I was able to convey the idea that something was wrong with the hot water. He promised to check it out.

I then had a wonderful, leisurely 點心 breakfast with Matt. We chatted for a good two hours and even continued chatting as we walked from the restaurant. After we had parted ways, I hastened back to my apartment for a nap. That's when I noticed the sign on the front entrance that apologised for the lack of hot water. The plumber's going to replace the heater on Monday, so there will be a few days we'll be without.

If only I had a bathtub! Then I could fill it with cold water and dump hot water in from a kettle.



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4th Dec, 2005 12:02 (UTC)
What a pain! But how come you don't have a bathtub?
4th Dec, 2005 14:40 (UTC)
This apartment just didn't come with one.
4th Dec, 2005 19:24 (UTC)
Brrr. I guess it's back to camping tricks then (sponge baths or standing in a plastic dish basin).
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