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Excessive italics implies excessive fun

  • 9th Dec, 2005 at 3:46 AM
__        ___  _____      /        _ 
\ \      / / \|_   _| __ ___  __ _| |
 \ \ /\ / / _ \ | || '__/ _ \/ _` | |
  \ V  V / ___ \| || | |  __/ (_| | |
   \_/\_/_/   \_\_||_|  \___|\__,_|_|

So what does a Montréal fire hydrant have to do with the party I'm throwing later today?

Fire hydrant
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Absolutely nothing!

Nevertheless, you are still invited to what promises to be a most thrilling party and a wonderful way to kick off your finals. I took a day off, got on a train from Montréal, and will drive to Waterloo in the morning just to see you.

C'mon. You feel special now, don't you?

So, I urge you to show up to this event. I've packed my pressure cooker and three pounds of genuine Montréal smoked meat in my backpack, so you will be in for tasty treats. And I even brought my laptop full of music, because I'm still telling myself that I'll get some hacking done this weekend.

It's your job to make sure that I don't.

The relevant details:

You and your awesomest friends.
42 Park Street in Kitchener. B3-04 at 280 Phillip Street. WCRI.
Tonight! Friday, 9 December 2005.
20:00 or 8 PM.
You should bring at least one of: francophones, foodstuffs, tunes, games, drinks, B-list celebrities, parlour tricks, funny stories, Spirits from Beyond, organic and inorganic compounds, et cetera.

I still don't have a mobile telephone, so you should probably leave a comment below. Or just crash the party, because that's excessively fun!


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9th Dec, 2005 18:15 (UTC)
i'm glad that partys in waterloo, cuz I'm already double booked this evening, and can't imagine getting there for it.
having it be far far away makes it seem easier to miss.
9th Dec, 2005 21:03 (UTC)
Getting here and Parking
We're less than 10 minutes walking distance from the Kitchener downtown bus station. Just walk down towards the park, turn right and walk along Jubilee. Jubilee turns into Park and we're just above the hill on the right hand side. Don't worry about the "42", the street numbers skip something like 6 on average per side here from house to house.

If you need parking, you can park at the end of Park St (where it turns into Jubilee). Next to Victoria Park (not to be confused with the Victoria AND Park INTERSECTION) is a parking lot with space for 20 or so cars.
9th Dec, 2005 21:05 (UTC)
Re: Getting here and Parking
Oh and, we do have a fire hydrant outside the house. But it's yellow.
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