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Weekend in Waterloo, Part 0

  • 12th Dec, 2005 at 3:39 PM

Walking in a winter wonderland
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

This weekend, I was too busy relaxing to write in this diary. I think. Maybe I was too busy being on vacation to write? I don't know.

It started with the train trip down on Thursday night, by popular demand. Doing the Montréal to Toronto leg of the trip by rail is always fun and slightly romantic. I spent the trip going down listening to music and hacking on UniConf.

Do you know how weird it is to do software development on the train? The guy next to me was fiddling with some spreadsheet for a while before sitting back to watch a movie. I caught him sneaking glances at my screen trying to figure out what the small characters whizzing past were saying. Unit tests are not very interesting to watch, I'm afraid.

When we pulled into Union station, I threw on my backpack and headed for the subway. I was already very tired so I napped on the large and spacious subway cars before walking home. Once I got home, I continued hacking for a while longer before going to sleep.

Holden, Michael, and Dimitri
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

In the early morning, I looked out of my window and saw softly falling snow. I decided that it was a bad idea to drive in a snowfall and went back to sleep. After all, it was my vacation and I'd do as I like. When I woke up later, there was a generous blanket covering everything.

I had some breakfast, bundled up and shovelled some snow. It's been a really long time since I've done that. After we dug out the driveway, I put my things into the Volvo and I headed off to Waterloo. I made my way to the 401 and turned on the radio. The local news station was reporting on how Torontonians were whinging about the delay in clearing the roads of snow that morning. Then they talked about how the highways were just getting cleared of accidents. Man, sleeping in on a snowstorm is one of life's great pleasures.

I arrived in Waterloo where I pulled into sdt's driveway. Actually, no. I pulled into Prof. Smith's driveway by accident. I moved the car after Stefanus dug out his. He's getting so middle-aged now, I even saw him stopping his shovelling to talk to the neighbours. Oh, Ashley and Stefanus have the coziest little home with a wonderfully spacious kitchen. I sat at their breakfast bar with my laptop for a while and sang to little Noel. He's so cute!

Łukasz Kosewski
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

After a bit of e-mail, I went out shopping with Stefanus for some groceries and then went back to start preparing some food. You can't have a proper party without food. I had brought a brisket of smoked meat down from Montréal and pressure steamed that. Then I made some bean burrito filling and chopped up some toppings. That's when people started showing up so I sliced up some sandwiches and started filling the burritos.

For a party that moved to a different location, we had a pretty good showing. Doug showed up, and I haven't seen him in a long time. So did holdenk who brought along two friends. And Tor, who was originally supposed to host the party, showed up after his exam. And musicdieu arrived on his way between two other parties. Too soon, it got late, and I crashed on Tor's couch.


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12th Dec, 2005 21:34 (UTC)
Dude, Łukasz Kosewski - is that his real name, or is is Harry Potter? Better check for wands.
13th Dec, 2005 04:28 (UTC)
Well, his pants do seem to disappear an awful lot, maybe it is indeed magic.
14th Dec, 2005 16:45 (UTC)
You'd better hope my pants disappearing don't involve my wand, or else unfortunate consequences, like blindness, can occur for anyone within a 10 metre radius.

That said, I clearly look nothing like Harry Potter, he's an airbrushed retard with a shitty English accent in England. I am king of the known Universe. See a difference yet? Yargh.
14th Dec, 2005 16:47 (UTC)
I appreciate the correct spelling of my name Mr. Simon. You are the man.
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