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  • 13th Dec, 2005 at 10:02 AM


I looked up groggily from my pillow. "What time is it?"

I looked at the clock beside my bed. "Is it time for the fire drill?"

This is when I realised why the words "fire drill" went through my head. There was a fire alarum going off, or the upstairs neighbour had invested in a very loud clock.

I put on some clothes, some socks, and some more clothes. Then I went into the hallway to find my overshoes when my neighbour Mieke opened the door. We both went downstairs to see what was wrong when the noise stopped.

That's when we smelled the burning. "What's wrong," I asked Ty who lived below me. He shrugged his little kid shrug and someone called up from the basement, "Burned bacon."

Oh dear. What a horrible way to start the morning. First you ruin your breakfast, and then you set off the fire alarum. And poor Ty looked so disappointed that he didn't get to see a fire truck.