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  • 19th Dec, 2005 at 2:03 PM

I suppose it would be a good time to mention that http://open.nit.ca is up and running on a nice new server in Montréal. That's the website that hosts all of NITI's free software offerings.

About two months ago, our mailing lists were eaten by a disk failure. We've managed to get the archives back, from our subscription lists are all gone. But I've got them up and running now, on GNU Mailman no less, and have subscribed some people to them.

They have doubtlessly noticed this because spammers have been hitting two of our mailing lists like crazy. After going into denial for a while, I have decided that I ought to moderate these posts.

Oh hey. The new XPLC got into Debian. Too bad we realised that we need to kick in another change soon. Ah well. I look forward to pushing out a WvDial release over the holidays, as it really needs to get out the door now.


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19th Dec, 2005 19:45 (UTC)
Need another change of XPLC soon?
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