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Working remotely

  • 29th Dec, 2005 at 2:09 PM

Super Slam Dunk
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

This morning was a rainy, dreary grey; so I decided to sing as I drove to work. I was feeling strangely giddy about showing up to work over the holidays. You see, NITI's Markham office is really close to where my parents live, and for over two years, I still hadn't gone there. I strode in the front door, said "Good morning" to Shau who looked a little shocked to see me, and walked around the place.

Unfortunately, they're moving offices so the place is full of gypsum dust and tape measures and contractors. But they haven't moved everything yet.

It's pretty different over here—they have Herman Miller furniture and Norstar telephones and Hewlett-Packard photocopiers. But these swivel chairs are a lot better than the zebra print IKEA ones. Though I think they could use some more zebra print over here. Instead, they have this randomly speckled carpet that hides dirt.

I'm sitting at a cubicle with my back to this big Christmas tree. It feels like there's the big shrubbery overlord who's watching me type this out. Fake plastic tree, do not critise my diction so much!

I've decided to turn around and stare it down. Show it who's da boss!

Oh good, there's a decent connection to the Internet here; I have some hacking to do.


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29th Dec, 2005 19:59 (UTC)
Reminds me of the pvponline strips about the "Great God Kringus".

29th Dec, 2005 20:21 (UTC)
Yeah, they've got a pretty good internet connection there.

And... moving offices? Is that a permanent state-of-affiars? I mean... they were doing that when I was there!


Really though, the Montreal office is way more fun. :-)
29th Dec, 2005 21:31 (UTC)
They are collapsing the office all onto the second floor. Which means, amongst other things, that I will need to get my business cards changed.
29th Dec, 2005 23:07 (UTC)
You had me scared that they were moving to a different building.....
30th Dec, 2005 00:40 (UTC)
Always keeping you on your toes.
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