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WvDial 1.55

  • 29th Dec, 2005 at 9:09 PM

My day at the office has been pretty grand.

I got to talk with a whole bunch of people about their problems and promised to look into some of them. Then I talked to someone about sales and marketting. Then I talked to Chris and we struggled with PHP. And finally, a chat with Tim about release management.

It was like a day at the Montréal office, but with people who are less bouncy. I tried to smile at people and make them feel happier, at which I think I was mildly successful. Perhaps my motivational poster will help?

I had some tasty phở for lunch at Phở Viêt which is a Vietnamese restaurant run by Cantonese people. It is also within walking distance of the office. Their soup was rather filling for a small portion and they had delicious spring rolls. Alas, they are not UltimateSpringRolls, but one can't expect to find those everywhere. A special bonus was that I got to talk with Deidra, in between happy bites of noodles and soup.

It is now late and I guess I should be heading out. I was hoping to hang out with people after work, but they seem to have gone home. Oh well.

So to pass the time, I released WvDial 1.55.