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Tiger's Heart

  • 21st May, 2004 at 4:21 PM

Last night, Dave, Julie and I went to see Tiger's Heart, a play by Montréal playwright, Kit Brennan. We went to the Centaur Theatre Company, the largest English theatre in the city.

The play is a fictionalisation of the life of James Barry, a woman posing as a man so that she could study medicine. Reading the Wikipedia article show how much lenience Ms. Brennan took with her retelling, but we all agreed that it was well acted and well produced. However, we were skeptical that a woman would take such chances to be discovered when she had invested so much effort in becoming a physician.

Anyway, I quite enjoyed seeing it. This play, and the one I saw before, makes me want to subscribe to the theatre, seeing as there are six plays throughout the year.

Oh yes, here is the Montreal Mirror's review.