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Electrical work

  • 21st May, 2004 at 4:30 PM

I was awakened this morning by Julie. She mentioned something about a doorbell and an electrician. Oh yes, Mike! Mike the electrician was sent by the landlady because we had no grounded sockets. This, of course, is not good if your computer has an electrical fault; say, a loose wire touching the metal case.

Anyway, we spent a good portion of the day fishing new wire from my room and Kelly's. Then we installed the outlets, and the breakers, and then cleaned up. I am now smelly, dirty, and have lots of cleaning to do. It was worth it though, it's not good to die of electrocution.

Oh yes. It was good that I bought that vacuum cleaner yesterday. Lugging it back on the Metro was a pain, but good exercise. Now it is easy to clean up all the drywall dust that came from opening up our walls.



2nd Jun, 2004 01:19 (UTC)
I remember asking the landlady to call an electrician in because the sockets were improperly grounded.

His verdict: the walls would have to go before this situation could be fixed.

The landlady said no.

I'm pretty sure I could stick the landlady to a much lower price than what I'm paying now. *sigh*