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Sunshine sketches

  • 25th Jan, 2006 at 1:08 AM

Spaghetti toy
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I hailed a cab from the office which drove me to the gates of the aeroport. Unfortunately, the cabbie took me to the wrong end, which meant that I had to walk a long while before I could get where I needed to be. Also unfortunate is that you have to use a lousy kiosk in order to get your boarding passes. It's lousy because it has a terrible user interface. But it can't tell if you lie to it, so there is some advantage.

When I went through U.S. Customs in Montréal, I had to declare the things I was bringing through. Just as I was about to leave, the lady asked me if I was bringing any food.
        "Well, I have some sandwiches for the flight," I admitted.
        "What kind of sandwiches?"
        "Smoked meat."
        "Uh oh."
We went and saw the Department of Agriculture officer, who was a very nice person with a southern drawl. She was very nice, you see, because she let me eat half a sandwich before throwing the rest of them out. She had also gone native, which I noticed because she said that "Japan imports our beef now, it's stupid that they're still banning it."

Loading the luggage
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Waiting to board was very boring, so I did things like walk around and take photographs. I tried to use the Internet, but these Opti-Fi people are everywhere. And I still can't convince them to take my money in exchange for Internet access.

The aeroplane I embarked was a Bombardier CRJ-100 which was really quite small. I'm glad that I'm not very tall, because one gentleman sat with his head bent all flight long. I managed to crink my head out the window to take some photographs. I also managed to convince my seatmate to find another seat, so I could put my feet up.

As the plane took off, I couldn't help but look out the window. Although I used to have a fear of heights, I didn't panic this time. Maybe things aren't so bad any more? As we climbed out of the city, I couldn't help but recite "Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth." I didn't know it was so beautiful up there! The sun is so crisp and the sky is so clean and you can see forever and ever. I didn't know the world was blurry, until I saw the clarity myself.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

There was a layover in Philadelphia where I got lost trying to find my gate. But after a bit of running around in circles, I managed to locate it. There, I sat beside a woman who watched home movies on her mobile phone. Since I was bored, I started talking to her and discovered that she was visiting her grandchildren. I also discovered that her name is Joyce and she's a Seattle realtor who specialises in condominiums.

I arrived in Seattle both lost and absolutely famished. I was incapable of finding the right luggage belt, but I found Joyce who pointed out that there were more belts further down. There, I found spider88 whom I had never seen before, but was a terribly welcome sight. I hugged her enthusiastically and double-kissed her, which shocked her a bit. Then she remembered that I'm from Montréal. After I picked up my luggage, I demanded (uncharacteristically) that we grab a bite to eat. This is how we ended up at an unauthentic Thai restaurant that was very good and open very late. I ate some "number four" chicken curry, which really wasn't that hot.

After dinner, I went to Spider's flat where I met thewronghands. Irony of ironies, as I arrived in the States, she heads off to Canada. After some chatting, Spider drove me to my hotel which was very difficult to find. But we eventually did and I collapsed on the bed without even turning on the lights. This is because I couldn't find the light switches.