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Speak up, sonny.

  • 26th Jan, 2006 at 8:38 PM

I have been going to concerts for a while now and one of the few smart things I've done is to pick up a package of earplugs. Some of the shows I go to are really loud, especially because I stand really close to the stage and speakers, so I can get good photographs. Plus, it was great to have a pair in my bag for flying: do you know how loud it is to sit on top of a jet engine?

Unfortunately, the earplugs I bought are disposable, construction grade. Not that there's anything wrong with them—they block out sound really well. And if I were operating a jackhammer, I'd want 29 dBs of noise reduction.

However, they block out sound too well because they block out as much of it as possible. This means that high-pitched sound like voices are damped far more than low-pitched sound. So the music I listen to live is a little muddy. The lack of hearing loss is a good tradeoff though, so I keep these earplugs in.

Etymotic Research specialises in making hearing protection for musicians and the like. Musician's earplugs have their frequency response designed to be flatter, so high-pitched sound is damped about as much as low-pitched sound; so things are evenly quiet, not distorted. But I'm not a musician, so I don't care to pay hundreds of dollars for an ear mold and special earplugs. But they also sell a slightly cheaper product for casual usage. Instead of $120 a pair, they're more like $12.

The ER-20 earplugs come in a little carrying case and are reusable. I talked to their sales guy and they'll last you a long time, as long as you clean them with warm water. So I've been thinking of ordering two pairs for myself. But then pphaneuf wants to put in an order with me as well. And look, bulk purchases qualify for discounts!

So I'm wondering if any of you would like to chip in for a bulk purchase? I'm not looking to profit, so I'll sell them to you at cost.

How many ER-20 earplugs would you buy from me?

I'm already deaf


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27th Jan, 2006 01:52 (UTC)
I put myself down for two in your poll, so don't count me as two on top!
27th Jan, 2006 01:59 (UTC)
Of course not. I also voted!
27th Jan, 2006 02:20 (UTC)
two for me too. one for me ( i dont do concerts too often but i keep away from bars clubs and whatever because i hate the buzzing i get for hours afterwards , I have above average hearing and intend on keeping it ) and one for mom who goes through her earplugs regularly and uses cheap disposable ones
27th Jan, 2006 02:48 (UTC)
Smart! I have some cheap drugstore earplugs, so I'm not doing too badly, but if I get a discount and someone else is ordering, why not get a pair?
27th Jan, 2006 02:59 (UTC)
You know, I voted for one set, and then realized, I could be out and lose a pair so I'd be up for two as well.
27th Jan, 2006 06:55 (UTC)
You do realise that you're in a foreign country, right?

If you wish, I'll order these for you and either mail them by post, or bring them the next time I'm in your area. But Seattle has so many grunge and punk bands that you can probably organise a huge order there.
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27th Jan, 2006 02:59 (UTC)
As long as the number in your poll represents pairs, I'm in for one. I can pay you via pay pal if you really want. Or by check by mail. Or you can wait and we can finally have coffee or dim sum on the weekend of the 11th of Feb. as that is when I next plan to be in Montreal.
27th Jan, 2006 06:58 (UTC)
Yes, they are only sold in pairs of earplugs.

I'll order them for you, but I won't be in Montréal on the 11th, if I'm lucky. I'll be flying to San Francisco then.

I will arrange to get them to you somehow. You don't live that far away, and I like your city.
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27th Jan, 2006 03:21 (UTC)
i wrote 2 but might mean 3 if they are cheap.
27th Jan, 2006 03:36 (UTC)
holy crap i;ll buy one pair so i can sleep. this is julie, btw.
27th Jan, 2006 06:58 (UTC)
These probably won't help you sleep, because they don't block out all noise. They just make things quieter.

If you still want a pair, you can find me when you get back from your trip.
27th Jan, 2006 03:37 (UTC)
I've been considering a set for some time. This makes a convenient excuse.
27th Jan, 2006 04:09 (UTC)
I meant two. Someone was reading the poll choices to me and I didn't hear them very well.

I'm just trying to save what's left.
29th Jan, 2006 06:12 (UTC)
Please update your answer as I am easily befuddled.
27th Jan, 2006 04:14 (UTC)
I didn't do the poll, since I don't need any earplugs (I've NEVER been to a rock concert), but taxlady might want a pair because she hates going to movies these days with their overpoweringly loud sound systems.
27th Jan, 2006 07:11 (UTC)
Have her let me know, please.
27th Jan, 2006 04:46 (UTC)
I've been experimenting with wax, cotton, foam, whatever earplugs for awhile now. I find wax the best for rock concerts but the sound still has this muffled quality which sucks... So I'd be up for trying these semi-pro ones for sure. Especially if I'm going to see Rob Zombie soon :D
27th Jan, 2006 06:23 (UTC)
Hook me up
Hook me up dude, I'll even pay in those other dollars.

-- Jim
27th Jan, 2006 06:59 (UTC)
Re: Hook me up
Good, since they are made in Illinois.
27th Jan, 2006 14:56 (UTC)
Already have ER headphones; they rock!
27th Jan, 2006 18:25 (UTC)
Do they? I guess you can just block out the annoying outside world, which is good for sound quality.
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27th Jan, 2006 19:38 (UTC)
Cool. I've wanted those for a while, so I put myself down for one pair.
29th Jan, 2006 04:00 (UTC)
please put me down for two pairs! :)
29th Jan, 2006 04:02 (UTC)
OK. I might be going to down Waterloo for Reading Days, so I'll try to meet up with you then.
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