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Duty calls

  • 28th Jan, 2006 at 5:24 PM

Sometimes, life throws you some interesting loops.

Yesterday, I was working from home and slowly packing things up to go to Toronto. It was my birthday, you see, so I wasn't going to stress out about it. And tomorrow is going to be Chinese New Year, which is why I was taking Monday off.

I booked my train for 17:00 and as I was throwing a pair of trousers in my knapsack, I got a telephone call. Hey! I'm needed in Markham. For the next two weeks. Since I'm too eager to help, I agreed after checking that my calendar didn't have any inescapable social obligations.

This, unfortunately means that I'll miss the burlesque show, messiahdivine. And I can't attend vierge_en_trop's birthday bash, nor jul3z's. Plus I miss my own birthday party as well!

I shall have to make it up. Tenfold.

At the time, however, it meant that I had very little time to set things right. I called the train station and had them put me on the next train. Then I cleaned the flat, took out the garbage, bribed angorian to water my plants, found my passport (again), packed some real clothes, shut down my laptop, and finished panicking.

The taxi made it down to the station with a minute to spare. Am I good or what?

So I'll be in Toronto until 8 February 2006, working out of NITI's Markham office. I suppose I will be able to hang out with holdenk who seems to be going a little nutty. And then on the 9th, I'll be flying to San Francisco for CodeCon.

My life has turned more dynamic and exciting than I ever thought it would be. The next thing I know, they'll be issuing me an alias and a suave secret-agent tuxedo. I bet I'd look good in a tux.


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28th Jan, 2006 22:55 (UTC)
will be working in Tor all next week...
28th Jan, 2006 22:56 (UTC)
This means I should include you in my plans for socialising with holdenk. You'll find him an interesting character.
29th Jan, 2006 20:23 (UTC)
I am only slightly more nutty than usual (working seems to do that to me :-)).
29th Jan, 2006 00:15 (UTC)
Happy birthday!

29th Jan, 2006 03:03 (UTC)
Thank you!
29th Jan, 2006 03:29 (UTC)
Is the trip to CodeCon work-related at all, or just something you're doing for fun?
29th Jan, 2006 03:32 (UTC)
It's difficult to tell, at the moment. I'm likely to be presenting a paper on UniConf, which would be work-related. But I'm also likely to party with a bunch of people, which would be fun.

I'm glad that work and fun aren't mutually exclusive.
29th Jan, 2006 03:35 (UTC)
Yes, that's actually why I chose the wording "just for fun" - as in, it'll be fun either way, but the impetus may have been work-related.

One day I'll have to present the Schedulator at CodeCon. Maybe when it doesn't suck.
29th Jan, 2006 03:41 (UTC)
Likely, but not guaranteed. For all I know, this could be an obligation-free trip.

Which would be sad, in some respects.
29th Jan, 2006 04:26 (UTC)
Sorry to break it to you, but Markham ain't exactly an exotic and dangerous locale.
29th Jan, 2006 04:28 (UTC)
That's what you think! It's certainly more dangerous than you know.
29th Jan, 2006 23:52 (UTC)
Happy Belated Birthday! :)
30th Jan, 2006 00:20 (UTC)
Thank you!
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