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Commerce at Pacific Mall

  • 30th Jan, 2006 at 3:15 PM

I tried to show up to the office at 9:00, like normal people show up to work. So there I was, motoring along, making good time. Then there's this big traffic jam. Oh no. Someone wrecked a car outside the office.

That explains all the ambulances and firetrucks that passed me. I drove around it and got into the office a couple of minutes late. That's because I couldn't find the front door.

I lunched with Dee at Pacific Mall, where we ate lots of cheap Asian food. I ordered a 돌솥 비빔밥 (dolsot bibimbap) which came in a big, hot stone bowl. It was actually pretty good, and could have been improved with more crispy rice. But life isn't perfect in food courts. I also had a proper bubble tea, which I haven't had in a long time.

Since we were at the mall and I noticed that people were suffering from Monday-morning doldrums, I resolved to get a cake. We walked around until we found a bakery where a little girl was tending the store. I talked to her about the various merits of cakes and she was very pushy with the ones that contained alcohol. If she isn't careful, she'll grow up to be an enthusiastic dipsomaniac.

She sold me on a tiramisu cake which looked pretty good. Then she asked me if I wanted something written on it, so I agreed to have "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMON" put on. It was then that her mother came in and finished the sale. But I was very glad to have done business with the girl, she was just so adorable! Later, Dee and I wondered why she wasn't in school, but we realised that there were a lot of children out today. Maybe it's a school holiday?

I e-mailed everyone in the Markham office about my cake purchase, which caused a mass of people to slowly converge on the kitchen. Ha ha! I single-handedly brought laughter and mirth to the office, whilst simultaneously destroying productivity. Mission accomplished!


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30th Jan, 2006 20:24 (UTC)
I'm bored at work too...perhaps TOO productive
I could use some cake and sugar right about now...I think I have single-handedly depleted the chocolate at the office. Mmm....CHOCOLATE....
30th Jan, 2006 20:28 (UTC)
Re: I'm bored at work too...perhaps TOO productive
You're a chocolate fiend!
30th Jan, 2006 23:32 (UTC)
What's in dolsot bibimbap? (god I couldn't live without copy and paste) and yeah.. you are all on sugar craving modes... which reminds me to go get some! :)

31st Jan, 2006 03:28 (UTC)
When will people learn that Wikipedia has the answers to everything? And with the right combinations of Firefox, extensions, and search bar search engine thingys, it's only ever a mouse click away.
31st Jan, 2006 01:53 (UTC)
What distinguishes a proper bubble tea from an, er, improper one?

The cake idea sounds brilliant. I must try that in my office sometime.
31st Jan, 2006 03:35 (UTC)
Improper ones aren't tasty. Uhm, I guess it's mostly that the tapioca balls have sat out for too long, or the tea is made too acrid by oversteeping.

I'm not sure how you can mess it up, but some places manage.
31st Jan, 2006 03:30 (UTC)
Sticking it to the man ... with CAKE!
31st Jan, 2006 03:35 (UTC)
That is my new tagline!
31st Jan, 2006 04:35 (UTC)
But life isn't perfect in food courts.

You have a genius for understatement.
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