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Regrettable food

  • 14th Feb, 2006 at 12:52 PM

Pizza pocket
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Last Wednesday was my last day in the Markham office, and also a day full of meetings. I have never been in so many meetings, in one day, in my entire life.

But enough with the whinging. I want to tell you about Wednesday because it was also a day of regrettable food.

My morning started off with a breakfast of leftover birthday cake. I had baked it for my mom on Sunday, and it was quite large, so there was plenty of it left over. This was the start of a nutritionally poor day.

When I got to the office, I was forced to eat a "pizza pocket". This wasn't very tasty at all. There was some bland processed cheese and a very sweet tomato sauce inside a chewy, fatty bread wrapper. Apparently, the co-ops eat this pretty often, which could explain why they all look malnourished.

Then, I drove to a McDonald's that was purported to sell the best Big Macs ever. A co-worker had raved that they looked like those hamburgers they put in the advertisments. dwiseman had raved at how they were put together with care by old Chinese ladies, right when you order them, and that they actually tasted good.

Big Mac
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Well, since it was my last day, we resolved to go there. I gathered up the co-ops and we bundled into the car. Then we drove to Pacific Mall where we scrabbled for parking.

We ordered some food, and I realised that I had no cash. I ran to an automated teller machine and back, just in time to pay for our order. We shuffled about some tables, sat down, and opened some boxes up. I have to say that although the hamburgers do not look like squashed messes, they are also not as pleasant looking as photographs done by food stylists.

I managed to actually eat the entire thing, although I was really full afterwards. It tasted pretty good in the beginning, but by the end I was feeling sort of sick. Dee marvelled at how inexpensive eating out at McDonald's was, and we had a discussion about how difficult it was to eat cheaply and well.

After we cleaned up, I had to hurry them back to the office so that the co-ops didn't miss their team meeting. I gave them plenty of time to spare, so I didn't feel bad at all. And they seemed happy that they just ate hundreds of useless calories!

I, on the other hand, had a second lunch meeting to look forward to.


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14th Feb, 2006 18:21 (UTC)
Why didn't you just decline the pizza pocket?

I had a Big Mac once because McDonald's was donating part of the proceeds to something or other that my mom was keen on (I was around 8 so she was paying). Yuck.
14th Feb, 2006 18:23 (UTC)
I was forced to eat it! I didn't have a choice.
14th Feb, 2006 18:25 (UTC)
How were you "forced" to eat it? Inquiring minds want to know!
14th Feb, 2006 18:27 (UTC)
I second popelaksmi's question. No one appears to be holding you down in your picture of the pizza pocket.
14th Feb, 2006 18:31 (UTC)
I take you know The Book of Regrettable Foods?
14th Feb, 2006 18:42 (UTC)
14th Feb, 2006 22:01 (UTC)
Yes - or rather, the corresponding book of the same title.
14th Feb, 2006 18:35 (UTC)
Hmm. So I guess the co-ops are eating better than when I was there (well, I probably set the all-time low bar, so I guess it's not hard to do).

I spent most of the term eating ramen noodles for lunch. Yay $0.80. Boo that I can't stand to eat that anymore.
14th Feb, 2006 18:50 (UTC)
You know, you can get good, tasty ramen as well. Damian and I ate those for lunch for a while.
14th Feb, 2006 19:01 (UTC)
Yeah, but I got those "just add boiling water" styrofoam cup ones from the No Frills at Markham & Dennison, so it wasn't good. But it was less than a dollar, so I wasn't expecting much.
14th Feb, 2006 19:33 (UTC)
I might have to give those a shot.
14th Feb, 2006 19:40 (UTC)
In that case, if Tim (or anyone else for that matter) looks at you funny, let him know that you heard about it from me.
14th Feb, 2006 19:45 (UTC)
Will do :-)
14th Feb, 2006 20:59 (UTC)
Just to further warm your day.

Don't say I never do anything for you. :)
15th Feb, 2006 04:21 (UTC)
This was the best!!!
14th Feb, 2006 23:05 (UTC)
Eww. Accurately described, Simon.

Real food, slow food, where ingredients are chosen because they are the best, and preparation because it tastes great, is much better then factory food where the margins are kept high and the ingredients commoditized to the lowest tolerable supplier.
15th Feb, 2006 11:06 (UTC)
Oh, you don't have to sell me on slow food. But how does one know Good, if ones does not know Bad?
15th Feb, 2006 04:42 (UTC)
I can't really eat anything at McDonalds any more without feeling horribly ill. Much worse than any other fast food place for some reason. Consequently, I haven't been there in years (except when I get stuck at the wrong rest stop on the 401, but that's a different story).

I do have to confess that Pizza Pockets are a guilty pleasure of mine. But to be fair to Pizza Pockets, what you have pictured is some other similar-but-not-the-same-brand pizza snack. The only ones I really like are the ones by McCain. Whatever you do, avoid the No Name ones at all costs - truly vile.
15th Feb, 2006 11:16 (UTC)
Hmm. These didn't appear to be No Name ones, but it would take some trying to actually make things that were worse. Ugh!
15th Feb, 2006 06:45 (UTC)
As a kid, I was really scared of eating pizza pockets.

I now remember why.

yumyumyum, ersh.
15th Feb, 2006 11:19 (UTC)
yumyumyum, ersh.

Yes. That's exactly what fast-food is like.
16th Feb, 2006 13:27 (UTC)
You scrabbled for parking?!? I know you're a fan, but come on, now, there had to be other people waiting for parking spots, that's not very nice!
16th Feb, 2006 14:45 (UTC)
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