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Getting my fix

  • 15th Feb, 2006 at 7:13 AM

Pittsburgh is a city that's with a strange name, because it is spelled phonetically. But I forgive it, because its aeroport offers free wireless Internet access.

I've been catching up on my on-line life, which has been on-hold since I left for San Francisco. Yes, I've been in Silicon Valley for a week with practically no Internet access. The irony is scrumptious.

I will be back in Toronto in a couple of hours. Then, it will be time to go on the road and drive to Montréal.

Oh look! The sun's coming up.


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15th Feb, 2006 13:22 (UTC)
Yeah! Simon arrival imminent!
16th Feb, 2006 17:25 (UTC)
Yes! I'm back in town now. Let's do something!!
15th Feb, 2006 17:10 (UTC)
got your message.
thats cool. I have a cold, anyways.
so we can reschedule for some time later in the week if you want to come by here. I have a table.
happy trails.
15th Feb, 2006 17:26 (UTC)
Excellent! I'll talk to you when I get back.
15th Feb, 2006 21:13 (UTC)
PIttsburgh does not rhyme with Edinburgh, for some reason.
16th Feb, 2006 19:52 (UTC)
That's because the Scottish know the rule that names must not be spelt as they are pronounced.
16th Feb, 2006 18:26 (UTC)
Pittsburgh is the odd duck in PA when it comes to *burg*s because it ends in H. The capital of the state is Harrisburg and Gettysburg is south of that.
16th Feb, 2006 20:11 (UTC)
I never noticed that before!
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