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  • 16th Feb, 2006 at 3:19 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

It snowed upwards at the office this morning.

Yesterday, I walked home with Damian and angorian, whereupon I commented that the weather was quite warm. So warm that the sidewalks were no longer treacherous.

This morning, the sidewalks were all slick with ice, and I practically skated down Parc to get to work. Along the way, I met a cyclist who was trying to ride up this icy hill, but kept on falling down.

I arrived in the office unhurt, but with my hair wind-blown and snow-drenched.

Oh Montréal, I have missed you!


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16th Feb, 2006 20:36 (UTC)
welcome home!
16th Feb, 2006 20:39 (UTC)
Thank you!
16th Feb, 2006 20:58 (UTC)
Snowing *up*? Weird but awesome. I'm guessing it's a side effect of city air current flow?
16th Feb, 2006 21:15 (UTC)
Yes, that's exactly it.
(Deleted comment)
16th Feb, 2006 22:07 (UTC)
Thanks! :)
16th Feb, 2006 22:03 (UTC)
It's 11pm here, temperature is 10 degrees, there was slight rain during the day. People persist in saying that it is "cold" and oh so "wintery". I laugh my ass off.
16th Feb, 2006 22:07 (UTC)
It was the same in Seatlle, with people all bundled up when there wasn't even ice on the ground.
16th Feb, 2006 22:38 (UTC)
I finally visited NITI on Tuesday, but most everyone I knew (with the exceptions of wlach, dcoombs and angorian) were away on trips or something. I guess *someone* had to stay behind and get some work done.
16th Feb, 2006 22:40 (UTC)
Work? I was working when I was in San Francisco. On my own time, even!
17th Feb, 2006 00:19 (UTC)
Don't get too comfy. We miss you here in Toronto and can't wait for you to come by for another visit.
17th Feb, 2006 00:42 (UTC)
Although I love you guys to death, I'm afraid that Markham doesn't hold a candle to Montréal.

You should all pick up and move here. Right now.
17th Feb, 2006 01:07 (UTC)
I'm just weird...
... but then again, most already know that... and I beleive you also do... so snowing upward isn't so odd...Montreal is odd in general... Montreal missed you too I am sure.. and as sure as you were going home with Damian yesterday, you were again tonight... why is it we always run into each other by fluke on the bus? Must be fixed. Yes indeed. Welcome back. *superhugs*

17th Feb, 2006 04:48 (UTC)
Re: I'm just weird...
Thanks! It's good to be home.

Just to remind you... dim sum, Sunday?
17th Feb, 2006 04:53 (UTC)
Re: I'm just weird...
Yes... I asked Kris, and he will be by my place at 1:00, so would have to leave chinatown at like 12:15... so 9am or something insane would be goods... depends how long it takes.. .ususally with talking and all around 2 hours no?

17th Feb, 2006 04:57 (UTC)
Re: I'm just weird...
Two hours is definitely a reasonable amount of time.
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