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Out and about

  • 19th Feb, 2006 at 8:33 PM

Coming back to Montréal has been good for the soul.

Last night, I had a fun evening with jbailey and auzure_skies and Lithuanian mead. As the night wore on, they were finding it more and more difficult to play Settlers of Catan properly. But we shall have to do it again because (a) it was their first time playing, and (b) they were getting quite tipsy on 50% alcohol-by-volume.

I managed to get up bright and early this morning to go to Lotte Furama for 點心 with kyotto. We were there before most everyone else, so we had the pick of the freshest things as they came from the kitchen. We spent a good two hours eating breakfast, drinking tea, and chatting about life. We finally kicked ourselves out as the restaurant filled up.

Then, I went on a fruitless search for lunchtime sushi. Sushi bars are just not open on Sunday afternoons. Despite this, I met up with posixeleni and we had a pleasant lunch at Soup and Noodles. I then took her to Nicholas Hoare where we browsed the stacks and chatted some more.

My life now seems to centre around dining and chatting with lovely people! I am not complaining one bit.


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20th Feb, 2006 05:42 (UTC)
mead AND settlers of catan.
sounds like a great time.
20th Feb, 2006 06:28 (UTC)
It started getting silly when people started trading an ore for an ore.
20th Feb, 2006 16:33 (UTC)
"an ore for an ore and the whole world goes bland."
20th Feb, 2006 19:01 (UTC)
Sounds like you're off to a good start. "Dining and chatting with lovely people" is something you can enjoy doing your whole life! It was one of Pearl's favorite things up until the end. It's some of my best memories with friends throughout my life too.
20th Feb, 2006 19:19 (UTC)
It's nice to have some validation! :)
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