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Hellfire Pass

  • 1st Mar, 2006 at 1:16 PM

Last Thursday, I met up with dcoombs after work. We met up with France and we drove to Souvenirs de Bangkok. We had the most difficult time finding parking, but in the end, we prevailed.

We sat down in a table by the back, away from the howling winds buffeting the front door. We tucked into bowls of soup which were quite flavourful. But our meal of beef curry and satay chicken and noodles was not as exciting as it could have been. It was tasty and filling, but didn't have that explosive Thai flavour.

Once we had paid up, we drove to the Centaur where we took in Hellfire Pass. Normally, you'll find me enthusiastic about the show, but this one seemed a little weak. There was an understudy on stage, who faltered a bit on her lines. Although the rest of the cast was quite good, they struggled with the script. The play was paced strangely and too many conflicts seemed contrived.

Perhaps it works well as the introduction to a trilogy of plays. But it stands poorly alone.

Reflecting on this entry, I think I should have been disappointed with the evening. But no, the companionship of good friends made it excellent.


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1st Mar, 2006 22:32 (UTC)
Yay! Play reviews! ;)
1st Mar, 2006 23:02 (UTC)

This play, alas, was not super cute.
1st Mar, 2006 23:06 (UTC)
A situation ameliorated by your fine, adorable presence, I'm sure.
2nd Mar, 2006 02:22 (UTC)
Did you think of me? I'm a souvenir of Bangkok!
2nd Mar, 2006 05:58 (UTC)
I did think of you! And how you were probably tucking into far more authentic food than I was.

Although I am not prone to envy, I'm envious of your interesting, if not always pleasant, dining adventures.
2nd Mar, 2006 03:45 (UTC)
I take it you are still on vacation? Is Pat on vacation too? I sent you and pat an email today. I guess I picked a bad time ;)

Regards, Adam.
2nd Mar, 2006 06:01 (UTC)
Re: Vacation?
I've been back for a while and am working through my backlog of memoirs.
2nd Mar, 2006 15:11 (UTC)
Re: Vacation?
Pat's around too, but from what I understand he's drowning in work this week.
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