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  • 2nd Mar, 2006 at 12:11 PM

My shipment of earplugs has arrived!

If you voted in the poll, I'll be trying to find you in some way or another. Their unit price is $10.37, but I'm chill with rounding down to $10 per pair. (GST and duty are pretty expensive.)

I also ordered some extras, so if you're interested, please let me know.

N.B. The picture on the right shows beige earplugs, but I ordered the clear ones.


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2nd Mar, 2006 17:26 (UTC)
i would be interested in one of your extra pairs.
2nd Mar, 2006 17:29 (UTC)
When's the next time you're coming down to Montréal? You can give me some money then, in exchange for earplugs.
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2nd Mar, 2006 17:38 (UTC)
I imagine you have quite a few pairs destined for Waterloo; if no one else volunteers, I can coordinate the disbursement via post or somesuch since I don't think you are likely to be visiting again sometime soon.
2nd Mar, 2006 19:24 (UTC)
Your offer intrigues me. I might have some travel plans to Waterloo, so I will let you know if I need your brokerage services. :)
2nd Mar, 2006 17:51 (UTC)
I would be interested in a pair for this weekend, even. :)
2nd Mar, 2006 19:25 (UTC)
I'm at the office until 18:00 today, and I'll be at home this evening. Do you want to stop by and pick up your pair?
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2nd Mar, 2006 18:27 (UTC)
You're still having a party on the 5th, right?
2nd Mar, 2006 19:31 (UTC)
Yes, I am.
2nd Mar, 2006 18:36 (UTC)
I think I voted, incidentally. do you get a history of who voted?
2nd Mar, 2006 19:26 (UTC)
You did. And I do.
2nd Mar, 2006 18:38 (UTC)
count me in for a pair. I'm at the SFO airport and coming home.
2nd Mar, 2006 19:28 (UTC)
We should get together, then.
2nd Mar, 2006 18:42 (UTC)
Thanks, they're awesome!
2nd Mar, 2006 19:27 (UTC)
2nd Mar, 2006 19:15 (UTC)
I'd be in for a pair, but do you deliver to Boston?
2nd Mar, 2006 19:22 (UTC)
I don't plan on heading down to Boston any time soon. But who knows?
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2nd Mar, 2006 22:00 (UTC)
is paypal okay? and how much for postage, do you suppose?
2nd Mar, 2006 22:02 (UTC)
Meh. Why don't you just pay me back the next time you see me? I'm sure I'll go to Seattle again sometime in the next year or so.

It is deeply ironic that I paid duty to import these into Canada and am now sending you a pair.
(no subject) - squarkz - 2nd Mar, 2006 22:11 (UTC) - Expand
2nd Mar, 2006 22:11 (UTC)
Hi Simon,

If you have any more extras, I'd like to purchase a pair at your party.
2nd Mar, 2006 22:13 (UTC)
Hope to see you then!
3rd Mar, 2006 00:37 (UTC)
Hmm. It doesn't look like I voted. And I think that's probably because I was wrestling with whether to just get nice earplugs or buy these.

I probably ought to buy a pair from you.

Given the number of people saying this now, perhaps you can go into business as an earplug trader.
3rd Mar, 2006 00:57 (UTC)
Re: Voting
I think this is merely inertia kicking in. That's why I ordered a few extra.

You're welcome to come buy them yourself or send someone to buy a pair for you.
3rd Mar, 2006 00:55 (UTC)
Simon, I will be in Montreal on the 19th and could even use them that night. Will you be in town that day? If not, no biggie. I have faith we'll get together *eventually*.
3rd Mar, 2006 01:01 (UTC)
Yes, I should be here on that weekend, so I'd love to get together and chat a while.
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5th Mar, 2006 09:14 (UTC)
Shall we deal by mail? I can send you a check and some of my general purpose earplugs... :)
5th Mar, 2006 15:43 (UTC)
I have four orders in Seattle: rgpowell, spider88, squarkz, and you. Since Spider is the best connected to the four of you, I suspect that I'll ship these to her and you can pick them up from her.

Details will emerge as we hammer them out.
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