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CodeCon 2006, Day 5

  • 3rd Mar, 2006 at 12:58 AM

San Francisco
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I woke up on Tuesday morning, rubbed my eyes, and walked out on to a balcony in my bare feet. The balcony was littered with cigarette butts, which I carefully avoided, and I sat on the railing. I looked below to see people who walked along cobblestone paths between the fountains. Charmingly, just outside the gates of this condo complex, there spread an orange grove.

Oranges! Growing on trees! Just like apples. Apparently, the entire area was covered in orange trees before the housing developers got to it a while ago. It's sad to see arable land go like that.

I remember going out to the rental car with spider88, but having to go back inside. But the gate had just locked behind me. What to do, what to do? Well, I climbed up a stone wall, swung over the fence, and dropped down the other side. My theory is that it's far less noticable for a well-dressed man to jump a fence and open a gate, than someone who dressed in baggy pants and sneakers.

Once we were set, we drove off to see Spider's brother. He lives with their granny, in a house packed with cats and memories. It looked like the people who live there aren't well-to-do, but all the houses and the cars and the lawns are very well kept. This neighbourhood is proud and happy, which is all that counts.

We talked and played with the cats and a super-happy dog. This dog was so ecstatic to see me that he went into what looked like epileptic fits. Then, as I was sitting on the couch with Spider, the door started making sounds. I got up and was charming to granny, who had just stepped inside. Later, Spider admitted that she was surprised that our meeting was so amicable.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I invited Spider's brother to lunch with us, since we were meeting Len and maradydd for Thai. This, unfortunately, did not work as the restaurant was closed. So we went to another Thai restaurant where I walked in the door and noticed nobody was there. I went to the back and found some people in the kitchen, who apologised that they were still closed.

Disappointed but not defeated, we sat down at a pub where we ordered hamburgers. Not ludicrously expensive ones, though. After lunch, we returned the rental car, wherein I lost my hat. That's because I was forgetful and left it in the driver's side door. Sadly, I didn't notice until I was back in Canada.

Anyway, things got pretty rushed here. We dropped off Spider's brother and rushed me back to the apartment where I threw everything into a suitcase. Then I lugged it into the car and I was dropped off at the aeroport. The security checkpoint decided that I should be sniffed for explosives, so I had to step into a funny machine that did that. The puffs of air tickled.

As I waited in Pittsburgh, I walked around the place. I was hours early for my flight and nobody was there but me. At one of the computer terminals, the ones that agents use to check your ticket, there was a cryptic message on the screen. I wonder what it could mean.

Anyway, I was happy and exhausted to land in Pearson. What a wonderful trip.