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  • 5th Mar, 2006 at 3:59 AM

I had a very busy Saturday. A happy Saturday.

Now my feet hurt and my arms ache. There's a rental car parked outside full of groceries.

I fell asleep on the floor by accident, but I'm better now.


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5th Mar, 2006 15:39 (UTC)
How on earth can you fall asleep on the floor by ACCIDENT?
5th Mar, 2006 15:41 (UTC)
I don't really remember the falling asleep part. It was an accident.
5th Mar, 2006 15:52 (UTC)
Did you fall to the floor? Were you already laying down?

If you were say watching a movie on the floor late at night - then I can understand.

If you had a friend over and they gave you a massage and they didn't want to wake you after you fell asleep - then I'd understand.

Otherwise, for me anyway, the floor would be so uncomfortable
(even with all my "padding") I couldn't possible fall asleep unless I was extremely tired and just couldn't walk 20 feet to my bed.

Your post is too cryptic but if you are well enough to post now I guess you're ok. And that's all that matters.
5th Mar, 2006 15:55 (UTC)
I was sitting on the floor putting groceries in the fridge after a very, very long day. Then, I remember waking up and wondering why I was on the kitchen floor.

I can only presume that I fell asleep, especially since I was much less tired. Or, I was tranquilized, abducted, and returned. But that doesn't seem very likely.
5th Mar, 2006 16:01 (UTC)
How long do you think you slept for?
5th Mar, 2006 17:32 (UTC)
Umm, that's known as falling unconscious. Low blood pressure, fatigue, hypoglycemia may be culprits. It's happened to me before; one minute I'm fine, then boom!, I'm on the floor.
5th Mar, 2006 20:58 (UTC)
not always.
If he's exhausted enough, it just a matter of shut down.

I mean, in the end, going to sleep is just a controlling when you go unconscious, but there is a fine line between falling asleep and fainting.
6th Mar, 2006 00:15 (UTC)
nice mate, nice. sorry i couldn't make it to your thingie today, i've been sleeping almost straight since i got home a little after dawn. :P
6th Mar, 2006 05:22 (UTC)
It's cool. I almost did the same thing this morning, except that that would be unwise.
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