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Cooking and baking

  • 6th Mar, 2006 at 3:15 PM

I had a busy, busy weekend.

There was the show I went to on Friday night, which was good beyond compare. I shall have to write about it soon, after I get the photographs off my camera.

On Saturday, I showed up to the Ile-Perrot Community Centre where I cooked for a small group of 50 people. It was the first anniversary of the Baronial Investiture. There were lots of people that I had met last year, and had to meet again. I need to show up more often, if I'm to remember their names. I did, however, remember Anoriel who is still incredibly adorable. Unlike last year, though, she's also incredibly mobile!

I was in the kitchen with Amrey, who provided lunch, and Diane, who was Head Cook. My contribution to the meal was tweaking all of the dishes as they came out. This is a good way of getting fed while everyone else is waiting. I had a lot of fun in the kitchen, which convinced me that I should organise a feast of my own some day. Plus, I'd get to control a kitchen, which would be a novel experience.

Afterwards, the ever-resourceful Alix swept in and started cleaning up. She was the most awesome and prepared cleanup crew, ever. Not only did she have equipment, she also brought containers and bags for people to pack up leftovers. I cleaned up my knife and cutting board, packed away my things, and bid everyone thanks and goodnight.

Then I went to the grocery store. After all, I had a car. I bought as many things as I could remember to and got most of them upstairs to the apartment. My fridge was very full, after that.

Happy 25.0825
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

On Sunday morning, I returned the car and made a little detour to the liquor store. With my loot, I returned home and started cleaning. It was at this time that joenotcharles and vierge_en_trop showed up. I left the broom in a corner, gave them hugs, and dashed into the kitchen to put out some snacks.

People arrived fast and frequently after that. My apartment saw apenwarr, azrhey, auzure_skies, baprime, cloquewerk, cpirate, Christine, drkeys, evildrgo, gorbash_dragon, grimmwire, kyotto, messiahdivine, mricon, mynatt, peaceful_dragon, pphaneuf, ppatters, swestrup, taxlady, wlach, ze_dinosaur, and zkzkz. You see, not everyone I know is on LiveJournal. But I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

The place was so full of good cheer that we must have kept the neighbours up. I was wondering if the party would spill into the bedrooms, but no. It appears that my living-dining room is good high-density parties. Which reminds me, Avery brought the most geeky cake ever. He had "Happy 25.0825" written on it which was very awesome. What was more awesome is that the lady writing this message knew what he meant. She had done some actuarial science.

Pesto Pizza
Originally uploaded by mricon.

Kyotto got to work out some of her frustrations by punching down some dough. Which I made into pizzas, until I ran out of flour. But no matter, they seemed to turn out reasonably well. Except for the last one, which had to be made into a deformed calzone.

Before they left, Gorbash and Konstantin did an excellent job with the dishes. And since everyone had to get up in the morning, people left at quite a reasonable hour. I was happily tired after that, so I just went to sleep.

This morning, I surveyed the damage and swept all the corn meal off the floor. Then I walked around watering my plants, as I do in the mornings, and noticed a new one. Hurray for surprise gifts!


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(Deleted comment)
6th Mar, 2006 20:42 (UTC)
Next time, perhaps?
6th Mar, 2006 22:22 (UTC)
What *does* 25.0825 mean?
6th Mar, 2006 22:23 (UTC)
Er, that was I.
6th Mar, 2006 23:10 (UTC)
It means 25 years and 30 days, of course!
9th Mar, 2006 22:00 (UTC)
Why not 25.0822?

(Deleted comment)
6th Mar, 2006 23:10 (UTC)
It's too bad, as you were missed. Next time, I hope.
7th Mar, 2006 00:24 (UTC)
simon, I was so cought up in feeling bad and sad and horrible that I completely forgot about your party.
So sorry.
I wish I had been there instead.
happy 25.0825 anyway.
I feel like a jerk now, after promising to be there.
7th Mar, 2006 00:31 (UTC)
Hey man, don't worry about it. I understand that things caught up to you.

There will always other chances to hang out with me.

But for now, do what's important. And if there's anything I can do to help, don't be afraid to ask.
7th Mar, 2006 00:39 (UTC)
thanks for understanding.
I'll be fine.
Theres a lot of love around me right now, and really Its more that I feel worn out from helping others who are more affected than I, than that I feel bad for myself.
still, dead friends are no fun for anyone.
7th Mar, 2006 01:24 (UTC)
nice looking cake did it taste good
that is a lot of Livejournalists, Simon sfllaw.--mza.
7th Mar, 2006 06:50 (UTC)
Re: nice looking cake did it taste good
Every time I meet someone new, the conversation eventually degenerates into LiveJournal usernames. Don't ask me why, it just does.
7th Mar, 2006 05:29 (UTC)
Glad to hear your birthday+month party was a smash! Next time, I'll make sure I'm not writing papers...
7th Mar, 2006 06:51 (UTC)
Does this mean that you'll be in Montréal for my next birthday party? If so, I will be most pleased!
7th Mar, 2006 07:05 (UTC)
Let's see... March5-1month+1year? Yes, I will still be in Montreal. (My estimated departure is late-April 2007.)
7th Mar, 2006 07:13 (UTC)
Aha. Us Montrealers still have time to win your heart.
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