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  • 6th Mar, 2006 at 7:48 PM

I moved into this apartment on 30 April of last year. It's been very good to me, even though it has its little charms. Like how I can't use too much electricity. Or how I don't have a range hood. Or a bathtub. But aside from that, it's warm and wonderful and wild.

There are just two things that are bothering me.

The first is that I haven't thrown a housewarming party yet. I know, I know, it's highly irregular to have other parties before the housewarming party. But somehow, a dinner party got scheduled first and then another. Before I knew it, eleven months have passed. So I feel deeply ashamed.

The second is that this place has yet to be named. The last place I lived at was the NitiHouse, but that's completely inappropriate when one lives alone. Since you all have such wild imaginations, tell me, what should I name my humble home?


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7th Mar, 2006 00:51 (UTC)
The Court Sfllaw
7th Mar, 2006 01:32 (UTC)


7th Mar, 2006 03:35 (UTC)
I'd say that after last night, your place is pretty warmed.
7th Mar, 2006 03:52 (UTC)
Oops, that was me.
7th Mar, 2006 06:52 (UTC)
Well, there are still forms to be obeyed!
7th Mar, 2006 04:41 (UTC)
TiniHouse, but I may be biased. :)
(Deleted comment)
7th Mar, 2006 06:53 (UTC)
Well, I'll throw a party all right.

But I'm at a loss for the appropriate name. And it's not like I haven't pondered the subject...
7th Mar, 2006 12:25 (UTC)
We bought our house in January and didn't have a housewarming party until October, things just kept coming up and we never got around to planning it.
7th Mar, 2006 14:05 (UTC)
Ah! You understand!
7th Mar, 2006 17:34 (UTC)
Bleah, I moved into my place last June and haven't had a housewarming either. The biggest problem is that I'm still living out of boxes and missing major pieces of furniture, I'd be embarassed to have a party!
7th Mar, 2006 17:38 (UTC)
I'd have to say that living properly is not only expensive, but also ties you down.
8th Mar, 2006 12:52 (UTC)
Boxes/no Furniture
I generally recommend that people have the party before boxes are unpacked and furniture gets got. There's less to spill on then.
8th Mar, 2006 12:55 (UTC)
I suspect naming houses is probably like naming servers. Best to assume that you'll have many of them and pick a theme.

The usual candidates come to mind, but "Ganesha House" might make for an interesting place to live.

It could also be a place of discovery, where the swelling is named for its energy *after* departure, or when you're fairly certain that you've discovered what energy sits in the place. That discovery might also indicate when it's time to move. =)
8th Mar, 2006 14:46 (UTC)
Re: Naming
With my computers, I keep on recycling the names. But homes seem a little more permanent than that.
8th Mar, 2006 16:09 (UTC)
Re: Naming
Sure, but the rate of turnover is slow enough that if you put a decent naming scheme, you're unlikely to exhaust the pool.
8th Mar, 2006 22:02 (UTC)
Apartment 2.0
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