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  • 8th Mar, 2006 at 4:44 PM

Holy Fuck
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Last Wednesday, I went to my first concert in a while. I have to thank the lovely and generous love2heart who gave me her ticket. She was too busy with painting to be able to go, which was sad, because the show was quite wonderful. I'll have to return the favour some day.

I arrived at Métropolis a little late. Only five minutes late, but I saw two scalpers trying in vain to sell their tickets. They shook their heads and walked off. I went inside and walked most of the way up to the stage, right next to a loudspeaker. At that time, I really wished I could find a pair of earplugs, because it was really quite loud.

Holy Fuck was the opening band and they filled the stage with light and smoke and noise. Good noise, I think, but I'm not quite sure. They had a drum set and a bassist on stage, which is pretty typical. In the centre, two people played with keyboards and synthesizers and tape decks which fused into this odd organic-electronic improvisational rock. The crowd seemed to like what was happening and they had a good time on stage. And I enjoyed many passages of their work, even though some of it was too chaotic for my tastes.

Nick Diamonds
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Islands came up on stage next with Nick sitting on someone's shoulders. They finished the first song, and then he started saying the strangest things. Like it was their first time in Montréal and that they considered moving here. I don't know how many people got the deep sarcasm there.

This time, their set was far tighter and they did a very good job. The audience was well pleased with their poppy happy music, with some of them even dancing. This was actually quite difficult as we were tightly packed near the stage. I was pushed a couple of rows closer to the stage by the people in back. This caused me to end up behind two very tall boys who spent most of the show bouncing up and down, hitting people around them with flailing hair and flying arms.

There were some girls who kept on trying to push their way up front. There was a pocket of space close to the stage that other people were using to dance. The short girl standing beside me was quite upset at this and got into a shouting match with one of the perpetrators. This didn't have the desired effect and people just got more pushy and more rude. Youngersters! They have no shame. Eventually, the short girl and her friend were crushed in the crowd, unable to see the stage. And since the crowd was thick and the air was stale, they were having trouble breathing. I offered them my space.

With camera in hand, I moved around, asking people if I could get closer to take some photographs. Graciously, some of them let me through. There I was, tightly packed with other people, about a meter from the stage. When Metric came on, a bunch of people surged forward.

Emily Haines
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

There's a lot of hype surrounding them, but there's some truth behind it. Unfortunately, the hype leads to sold-out performances in crowded venues. But I digress. They had a catchy rock sound that was well executed. But the most distinctive part of the set was Emily Haines's very raw, noisy vocals.

Comparing it with the record that I bought afterward, their live performance was more visceral than the studio-quality production. For some reason, my natural preference for a polished sound was overwhelmed by the sheer steel of Emily screaming into a microphone.

I managed to get off a couple of good shots and tons of poor ones before it became impossible to take photographs. This is because people were being thrown side to side as the front rows started pushing each other around. Really, there wasn't enough space for this, and some girl almost fell down.

They got off the stage and stayed off for a long time while the crowd clapped and stomped and cheered. Just as people were looking around and the applause was dying, the band went back on stage and performed for another hour. I think that made up for the tired arms that people had. When all was said and done, people crowded around the stage hoping to get mementos of the concert.

I spied moonlightjoy hanging out by the walls and I talked to her a bit. Or rather, shouted, because I couldn't hear anything any more. We chatted for a bit but I was really tired, so I excused myself and walked home.


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9th Mar, 2006 00:49 (UTC)
ooh! awesome!

do you mind if I link this entry from my LJ? i'm sure lots of people will be happy to see your pics.
9th Mar, 2006 01:46 (UTC)
This is the Internet! Of course you can link to it!
9th Mar, 2006 00:53 (UTC)

I'm really digging their music right now.

Oh, they just played in Kitchener? That's such a backwater town [born there] XD

Awesome pictures. I applaud your ability to shoot them in that pandemonium
9th Mar, 2006 01:47 (UTC)
Kitchener? Wow. I went to the University of Waterloo, so I'm really familiar with that place. It's got its charms, but it's no Montréal. :)

Then again, few places are.
9th Mar, 2006 02:24 (UTC)
Something I just can't help but notice.
Emily Haines is kinda "hot". Especially when suffering from ENS!

I know, I'm a bit of a perv. Sorry if it offends you!
9th Mar, 2006 02:28 (UTC)
Re: Something I just can't help but notice.
Ha! Lots of rock stars are...

She's quite photogenic, you know. And she has the cutest voice when she's not singing.
9th Mar, 2006 03:14 (UTC)
Re: Something I just can't help but notice.
...are what? Pervs? or Hot?

9th Mar, 2006 03:22 (UTC)
Re: Something I just can't help but notice.
9th Mar, 2006 05:22 (UTC)
i saw metric in kitchener. i had pretty much the same thoughts on the show as you did.

holy fuck was interesting but they really just sounded like they were jamming... it was like once they got into a groove they never left it. i kept waiting for something new and it never came. i did not approve. of course, they're on stage and i'm not, so i have to respect that, haha.

islands was pretty impressive. i didn't LOVE them, but i would for sure pay to see them again some time.

metric was, of course, amazing. i'm in love with jimmy shaw. again, though, i have to say that the show was pretty whored out with youngsters who have no knowledge of what i would call "show-going etiquette".

huzzah! i love your pictures.
9th Mar, 2006 05:37 (UTC)
Thank you! I love sharing my pictures with you.

I'm sorry I only got one good picture of Jimmy, he was on the other side of the stage. I don't know what to do with the hordes of youngsters. I think they just don't know what to do because they've never gone to proper shows before.
9th Mar, 2006 05:39 (UTC)
i think they need to stop worrying about looking cool and just get into the music. seriously. i hope i was never like that. did you know that the scenester kids these days wear their IPODS to CONCERTS!?! i was outraged.
9th Mar, 2006 05:42 (UTC)
You're kidding me! What's the point of going to a concert if you're in your own little bubble?

Toria, these kids must be schooled.
9th Mar, 2006 05:46 (UTC)
yea. one of the kids behind me at the show. ipod. i just... i just dont even know.

we should offer free lessons on how to avoid being an ignorant asshole that nobody likes.
9th Mar, 2006 05:48 (UTC)
I'd be doing that until the day I die.
9th Mar, 2006 06:04 (UTC)
fused into this odd organic-electronic improvisational rock.

Dear Simon,

as your long-time friend, I wish to inform you that you are officially a scenester.

But it's ok, coz I'm jealous that you get to go to cool indie shows. I miss indie shows!

For me, it's all elephants, Thai hookers and VW bus bars.
9th Mar, 2006 06:10 (UTC)
I want a VW microbus. It's necessary for a lifelong ambition.
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