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  • 10th Mar, 2006 at 6:42 AM

Social calendars have only two states: empty or full.

When you have tons of free time, trying to get together with other people is nigh impossible. You just don't get together with people often enough to get invited to things.

But if you have plenty of social activities, then people invite you to more. It's exponential growth!

I'm still amazed at how this works. The scale and speed at which networks operate is quite difficult to wrap one's head around.



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(Deleted comment)
10th Mar, 2006 21:35 (UTC)
10th Mar, 2006 19:54 (UTC)
And that's why isolation is so hard to break... And why introverts quickly become nuts when they start hanging around a lot of people!
10th Mar, 2006 21:34 (UTC)
I'm a strong introvert, but I seem to have managed this quite well. Sometimes I feel like just staying at home for a week, but this never actually happens...
10th Mar, 2006 21:41 (UTC)
I can relate. Oh how I can relate...

Sometimes I think it would be nice, but then I think about how nice it would be, and I want to share it, and then it becomes a big pyjama party full of people.

10th Mar, 2006 22:00 (UTC)
I totally need to throw a pyjama party! :)
10th Mar, 2006 22:08 (UTC)
My roomie's been talking of throwing one for ages. They rule so much!

(like I need more excuses to hang around in pyjamas)
10th Mar, 2006 23:06 (UTC)
Oh, but I do.

You should get her to invite me.
10th Mar, 2006 20:58 (UTC)

....you are so smart.
10th Mar, 2006 21:33 (UTC)
Your sarcasm is palpable, milady.
10th Mar, 2006 23:45 (UTC)

i wasn't being sarcastic at all.
i love you?
11th Mar, 2006 00:45 (UTC)
I love you too!
15th Mar, 2006 09:12 (UTC)
That's so true... I think part of it is also that if you keep yourself fresh in people's minds, you wind up getting more of the spur-of-the-moment "hey, let's go do this" things, including the ones that are planned in advance.
15th Mar, 2006 12:21 (UTC)
That's definitely part of it.
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