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Chez Simon

  • 13th Mar, 2006 at 2:17 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

It's raining today. It rained on Saturday. It rained on Sunday.

It's raining today.

The clouds are so very close that they're blanketting the city in a gentle fog. It must be spring.

This weekend went by very well and I was so very lazy. I only went into work for four hours. And I didn't even throw a party.

Friday was spent eating sushi with wlach and his sister. cloquewerk and messiahdivine also joined us, which made the dinnertime conversation sparkle. We gorged ourselves on wonderful things and then walked out after the restaurant had closed its doors. I'm sure it was kind to us because I ate a lot. Oh well, I'll keep taking advantage of this fast metabolism while I still have it!

After dinner, I parted ways and headed to grimmwire's birthday party where I met plenty of new people. I saw papersky again, whom I had met at a Scrabble game. I also saw ryss_rhiannon who happens to be a very entertaining drunk. I also met Terence of Vestibules fame! I had to try so hard not to quote his own material back at him.

I walked back home after I realised that I had fallen asleep on the couch. As I walked passed love2heart's door, she lives in that same building you know, I considered knocking. But then I realised that it was too late to be paying surprise visits.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Saturday morning was spent getting messy haircuts from a hairdresser. And then I went into work where I tried to convince a piece of software to do something sensible, but failed. Since it wasn't free software, I wasn't able to do anything about it, so I just broke down instead. This was very cathartic, I assure you.

I went to McGill and actually entered a building there. I found my way to a recital hall and arrived just in time to see a manic looking professor bow violently on his violin. drkeys had invited me to see his master's class and it was a very novel experience. Afterwards, I was invited to join in, which was very nice but I had to decline. And I met Charity who wore a most excellent skirt. She invited me to see her band play, which promises to provide some sweet sights and sounds.

I stopped by the patisserie to pick up some baked goods, because vierge_en_trop was coming over for coffee. We had a most marvellous time where she marvelled at my bookshelf and I marvelled at her knitting. Our conversation eventually drifted towards joenotcharles. After a bit of searching, we discovered that he was stranded in suburbia and that I was to wine and dine Vierge as best as I could. It's not always that I serve impromptu dinner parties, but I really should do so more often.

Joe eventually showed up looking rather exhausted. But fresh chocolate-chip cookies seemed to revive his spirits. My friends walked out together, looking very tired, but very happy.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I was in the middle of sweeping the apartment when gorbash_dragon showed up on Sunday. A hearty brunch was prepared because you just can't start off the day hungry. I'm so pleased that lovely people come over for meals! Once we cleaned up, we started heading out for a walk over the mountain. Our plans, however, we stymied by the onset of rain. Instead, we put on the kettle, had some tea, and watched a lot of Firefly.

Everybody has been telling me that it's very good and I had to see it. Yes, yes. You're all quite correct.

The rain abated in time for us to catch a glimpse of sunlight. To salvage the remaining day, we put on our coats and shoes and walked outside. The sun was streaming through the clouds to turn the world new. "It's spring," I exclaimed joyously, which got me a quizzical look. We walked over to archdiva's new place to help him clean.

The previous tenants were disgusting slobs. We blitzed the kitchen with toxic chemicals and I did a bit of acrobatics to get the windows clean. I'm so old-fashioned that I hadn't noticed developments in modern chemistry. Cleaners are still noxious chemicals that eat away at your lungs, but they have this pleasant orange scent so you don't notice. Brilliant!

I fell asleep on the way back to my place.


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13th Mar, 2006 19:33 (UTC)
This weekend went by very well and I was so very lazy. I only went into work for four hours. And I didn't even throw a party.

Yet you still manage to have way more excitement than my weekend, when I had far more excitement than usual.


I should really visit sometime. Except the first viable opportunity won't be until August :-(
13th Mar, 2006 21:33 (UTC)
August sounds wonderful!

Time flies, my friend. Soon summer will be over and you'll wonder where it all went.
13th Mar, 2006 22:00 (UTC)
Soon summer will be over, yes.

But I'll know where it went: CS350 (OS) :-D
(Deleted comment)
13th Mar, 2006 21:21 (UTC)
You can't let something like a little weather get you down!

Besides, rain means longer days and warm air. And that's wonderful news.
13th Mar, 2006 22:36 (UTC)
I like rain. Rain to me means flowers, plants, clean air, no more static shocks, feeling alive to the skin, less noise from the city, and a chance to open the windows and let a cool breeze through.

I'm glad you find it joyful too. Sometimes I think I'm the only one east of the Rockies who does. =)

Jeff Bailey
13th Mar, 2006 23:13 (UTC)
Oh, I think there are plenty of people over here who like rain.

Then again, I know plenty of Vancouverites who think the rain here is horrible.
(Deleted comment)
14th Mar, 2006 03:00 (UTC)
Yes! I concur.
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