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It's still cold

  • 21st Mar, 2006 at 9:46 AM

Joe and his coconut
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

The housewarming was a great success. Sadly, Montréal is still too cold. I know, since I walked back home last night from the office. The city is beautiful at night, with the glow of yellow streetlights and the ice crunching underfoot.

Saturday involved a lot of spring cleaning, which I know was early, but one doesn't have a messy house when guests are over. Vacuuming, sweeping, laundering, moping, scouring… the works. Then, just as I finished cleaning up, the friends started arriving.

People brought the most amazing things to eat. There was plenty of food and drink which came with a neverending procession of guests. gorbash_dragon did an excellent job of keeping me out of my own kitchen, mostly by taking up the stove all to herself.

Instead of baking chocolate chip cookies, I was forced to take photographs of people and to chat with my guests. Which was a very enjoyable thing to do. I went through so many conversations! And I even got people sitting on my bed. It's a good thing I made it, before they arrived.

And chocolate chip cookies showed up anyway, so I didn't have to make any. What providence!

I had guests that I'd known for a long time. And guests that I only met for ten minutes, before! And guests living five minutes away, and guests living a province away. How exciting is that?

Some people tried to introduce each other and succeeded. Others tried to trade LiveJournal identifications and were prevented. But I am wily you see. Showing up were angorian, auzure_skies, baprime, dcoombs, dmg, fbourassa, gorbash_dragon, helf, kyotto, jbailey, joenotcharles, miseri, mricon, petronia, phrawzty, ppatters, scjody, smurfmatic, _watchtower_, wlach, vierge_en_trop, zephyrus_23. And you get the fun of figuring out who's who.

Like all Saturday night parties, this one extended into the early morning. At around 1:30, it wrapped itself up. I had some overnight guests who did a very good job of not getting cranky, which was very nice of them. I slept like a baby. My couch had never been so comfortable before.


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21st Mar, 2006 15:05 (UTC)
...and dcoombs and fbourassa, who both thank you for having us over!
21st Mar, 2006 15:13 (UTC)
It's true! You brought salad with walnuts.

It was very good. Thank you!
(Deleted comment)
21st Mar, 2006 16:18 (UTC)
Hey, don't beat yourself up over it. It's just an excuse to get people together and have a good time.

You're busy right now. Next time, you'll have a chance to properly enjoy yourself.
21st Mar, 2006 16:37 (UTC)
Thanks for having us over. It was a very good time indeed.
21st Mar, 2006 16:51 (UTC)
Indeed it was! Thanks for coming.
21st Mar, 2006 17:00 (UTC)
And phrawzty, even if it was for only 15 minutes. :)
21st Mar, 2006 17:04 (UTC)

I hope you're feeling better.
21st Mar, 2006 19:25 (UTC)
I actually went home and slept for like 12 hours. Hah.

Say, do you like board games? jul3z and i occasionally have small board game nights at our place - may we put you on the list of people to invite?
21st Mar, 2006 19:36 (UTC)
Yes, please. That sounds wonderful.
21st Mar, 2006 17:40 (UTC)
You seem to be quite the hosts these days... I'll make it to the next party! Unfortunately I had to miss this one; I'm sick and it would have been quite bad karma to have come and spread the germs around. :)
21st Mar, 2006 19:37 (UTC)
Understandably. I hope you feel better!
21st Mar, 2006 18:56 (UTC)
That's a great shot of Mr. NotCharles!
21st Mar, 2006 19:26 (UTC)
I didn't catch the absurdly good pose he had, moments before!
22nd Mar, 2006 00:40 (UTC)
I think he's in the process of making an LJ icon with that absurd photo.
22nd Mar, 2006 00:42 (UTC)
Really? How exciting!
21st Mar, 2006 22:05 (UTC)
Many thanks for the party!
21st Mar, 2006 22:07 (UTC)
You're quite welcome! If only you could have stayed longer.
22nd Mar, 2006 00:09 (UTC)
That collection of names is interesting, but it's quite difficult to map those to people.

I shall be sleuthful and figure it out.
22nd Mar, 2006 00:15 (UTC)
It's a puzzle! A creepy Google-stalker puzzle.
23rd Mar, 2006 05:17 (UTC)
Sorry I missed it. Had a prior commitement, I'll make it next time.
23rd Mar, 2006 05:29 (UTC)
Next time, of course!
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