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Breakfast at 富麗華

  • 21st Mar, 2006 at 7:10 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I have now decided that birthdays really ought to be celebrated with lazy Sunday 點心. There's no better way to start the day than waking up, making coffee, and offering it to three groggy people who stumble out of your bedrooms. Then you get them bundled up and walking to a Chinese restaurant, where they greedily devour small tidbits of food.

We arrived and found Damian and angorian waiting at a table by the windows. We sat down and I poured tea out of some rather defective teapots. After filling up our table several times, we finished eating and talking just as the restaurant was getting packed with people. The instant we got up, some very efficient waiters started clearing away the used dishes and laying down a new tablecloth. Happily sated, we all waddled out of the restaurant with smiles on our faces.

Damian and Angorian left to do some grocery shopping, so the rest of us headed over to the office. There, I met with gorbash_dragon whom I conscripted to help with some heavy lifting. We stole our way up to NITI, grabbed as many chairs as we could carry, and lugged them to the front of The Bay. After setting them up in a neat row, by the curb, we sat down and waited for the parade to begin.

And waited. And waited. And waited.

Bird and Barb
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

We were expecting more people to show up, but they never did, so as the crowd grew thicker behind us, we looked about to see if anyone wanted a seat. A pregnant woman got offered a chair, as did a couple who looked a bit tired. Gorbash's friend, Alain, showed up and we offered him a place to sit. We chatted a while, some studying was done, and then the parade began.

There were plenty of folks with cameras about, including some people from the television stations. At least, those people not on floats.

The start of the parade had your standard issue police officers, who typically win hearts with their majestic horses. Following closely were military types with their marching bands and sharp uniforms. Canadian dress uniforms always seemed so practical in our winters, with their layers upon layers of wool and felt. And they need it, as it soon began to snow gently.

Partway through the parade, we saw M. Duceppe and Mr. Martin. Not at the same time, of course. Gorbash decided to have a nice conversation with our former P.M., whereby he remarked that we seemed remarkably comfortable. Actually, a lot of people noticed that we had proper chairs. And some marchers even took advantage of this!

After about two hours of this, it started getting too cold. So we gathered the chairs, brought them back to the office and tried to warm up. I think I caught the flu from this, as I'm fairly miserable right now. But some of the photographs were worth it, and the company was certainly wonderful.


22nd Mar, 2006 05:12 (UTC)
Re: Petit correction
So it appears.
22nd Mar, 2006 13:14 (UTC)
Re: Petit correction
Don't forget me now that your life is awesome!

I was up on a hill, but now I am back down!