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Fringe letters

  • 29th Mar, 2006 at 8:52 AM

Aww… The borough of Plateau Mont-Royal doesn't want to host the Montréal Fringe Festival any more.

As a concerned Plateau citizen, I'm very… concerned.

I was talking to posixeleni about how people don't write letters anymore. Does anyone else want to write some letters with me? I have paper, pens, and envelopes.

Update at 10:08: I'm organising a letter-writing party at my place on Monday, 3 April. Sometime in the evening, say after 19:00. I will provide things to write upon and the promise to throw all your letters into a mailbox. In return, I'll feed you cookies. Is that a deal or what?


29th Mar, 2006 17:49 (UTC)
“Agombar finds it "particularly ironic that we find ourselves in this situation given how Mme Fotopulos bragged up the Plateau as 'le Quartier des Artistes' during the municipal elections….”

*stuffs pencil case with writing implements* I’m there!

This is just so disheartening...After your recent comments I started thinking again about the yuppification of the Plateau. I was saddened and a little bitter, but this just makes me bloody angry!

*sigh* Even if they don’t change their minds, we can’t let them get away with this kind of thing scot-free...
29th Mar, 2006 21:25 (UTC)
I hear you're moving away from the neighbourhood! Say it ain't so.
3rd Apr, 2006 15:41 (UTC)
I am, *chagrined expression* but not for another few months.
But worry not; I’ll probably be here even more once I’ve moved! (“the grass is always greener…” etc., heh)