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Fringe letters

  • 29th Mar, 2006 at 8:52 AM

Aww… The borough of Plateau Mont-Royal doesn't want to host the Montréal Fringe Festival any more.

As a concerned Plateau citizen, I'm very… concerned.

I was talking to posixeleni about how people don't write letters anymore. Does anyone else want to write some letters with me? I have paper, pens, and envelopes.

Update at 10:08: I'm organising a letter-writing party at my place on Monday, 3 April. Sometime in the evening, say after 19:00. I will provide things to write upon and the promise to throw all your letters into a mailbox. In return, I'll feed you cookies. Is that a deal or what?


30th Mar, 2006 19:56 (UTC)
This is very different information than that provided by the gazette concerning this situation (wednesday's entertainment secion). According to that article, she just wants the tent to stop serving alcohol at 9 instead of 11 and no more outdoor concerts during the week.
Even that I find appalling, however. I don't like fringe, but I don't like the opression of a growing arts event even more. Aren't we supposed to be the artistically inclined city? Aren't we supposed to be the bohemians?
I suppose I could write some letters. My general instinct is to kidnap Fotopoulos and break her finger joints one by one until she sees "reason". Then again, this is probably why I'm usually cast as the villain in all the after school specials about me.
30th Mar, 2006 21:39 (UTC)
Since she is an elected official, torture doesn't work very well. It's when someone holds a position "for life" that torture really shines.