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  • 3rd Apr, 2006 at 10:32 PM

Thursday evening involved another Centaur production. We went to see Cheech, a play set in the heart of Montréal. Actually, you wouldn't really know it's a Montréal play, aside from the hints of Ste-Catherine in the set and small details in the script. It really could have been set anywhere.

Cheech can be described as a study on depression, and how six Montrealers fail to deal with it in their own unique ways. It used a storytelling device not often seen in plays, that of a wandering clock. There was a digital clock, centre-stage, which would show you when a particular scene happened. Now, film and television use this far more effectively, because they can shoot the sequences in order and splice them together in post-production. But you need a really strong cast and an excellent set in order to convey jump-cuts in time and space.

This cast was brilliant! Andrew Shaver, playing Max, was absolutely stunning in his hold-up-the-store scene. Even the weakest characters were quite believable and since we were seeing this play near the end of its run, the actors were really comfortable in their second skins. Well, except for Lauren Spring who spent most of her stage time naked and covered in stage blood. I found my teeth chattering every time she showed up.

All in all, the production seemed to be more lighthearted and more lightweight than the subject would seem to indicate. A movie version just wrapped filming, so I'd like to see how that would compare. But it was a fairly enjoyable evening with some very powerful acting.


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4th Apr, 2006 13:04 (UTC)
Agreed, I quite enjoyed it. The cast was uniformly very strong, and I thought the wandering clock and abrupt scene changes effectively conveyed a hectic, chaotic pace of life that people could easily find depressing. Good tool. An inevitable driving. Sort of a minor theme to the play, even, behind what the characters went through.

I didn't know a film version was in the works! I'll be curious to see that as well.
4th Apr, 2006 15:30 (UTC)
Apparently, they're making the film version linear. I wonder if that will make it better, or worse?
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