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  • 12th Jun, 2004 at 10:33 AM

I left for Waterloo on Monday, to interview Waterloo co-op students with dcoombs. It was an interesting experience being on the other side of the table, and I actually enjoyed it a lot!

I arrived at about 23:30, in time to catch a taxi to the Best Western in St. Jacobs. The whole NITI delegation had already wrapped up their Group Information session at Weaver's, so everyone had retired to their respective hotel rooms. It had been a long day for everyone, so we all decided to go to sleep early.

Sadly, I had napped on the train and bus ride up, and couldn't zonk out. So I grabbed my laptop, headed to the bathroom and started hacking. After all, I was going to ask our candidates to code, so I figured that I should know how to do it myself. After an hour and a half of hacking, I was tired, and Dave seemed to be asleep. I put down my laptop, went over to the bed, and fell into a dream.

The next morning, I was informed that I had awakened Dave during the night with my chainsaw snoring. When we went down to the lobby, we booked me a separate room so that Dave could get some sound sleep. Then we headed off to find some victims interviewees.

The most amazing thing I find is the distribution of people and their skill. Before interviewing, we sorted through fifty résumés, over half of which were just ugly. How do applicants expect to get an interview if their résumé is illegible? Then, when we interviewed people, they seemed to have basically lied. There's no way that anyone should claim that they programme in C++ if they can't handle pointers.

Over the two days, we interviewed 21 applicants, and chose eight. These jobs are offered now, and it will be up to the students to accept a position. On the whole, I think we did a good job at picking people who will fit well with NITI.


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13th Jun, 2004 06:47 (UTC)
Re: Sign for snoring
Simon, don't you have a sign to warn people that you snore as loud as you type.

-- Jim
13th Jun, 2004 06:52 (UTC)
Re: Sign for snoring
No, but maybe I should get one.
19th Jun, 2004 11:54 (UTC)
we sorted through fifty résumés, over half of which were just ugly

I'm curious now.. define "ugly".. According to my parents, there are certain résumé standards that everyone should follow. Agh, conventions.. ;P

Hopefully, mine isn't too ugly ;) At the very least, if it is ugly.. I would love to know how to fix that!
19th Jun, 2004 14:37 (UTC)
Re: hehehe
I think yours was pretty slick. After all, we did opt to interview you.

I got the distinct impression that your résumé was targetted towards business people. We were really unsure if you were technically strong, since it didn't show up strongly in your text. But musicdieu recommended you, so we thought that we'd let you prove yourself in the interview.

Maybe you want to have two sets of résumés, one for business-type interviews, and another for hacker-type interviews?
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