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Music in the home

  • 7th Apr, 2006 at 2:46 PM

Ramona Córdova
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

On Tuesday, it started snowing again. Now, people were awfully disappointed, since they were really ready for spring. But as far as I'm concerned, winter came and went with barely whimper. Anyway, snowing. It was snowing as I walked out of the métro and started looking at the addresses on rue Ontario. As I wandered about looking quite lost, posixeleni noticed me and called out my name.

We went up to a two-storey loft that was quite large. Except for the fact that six people lived there. I spent some time meeting people and chatting in the kitchen. A group of people arrived shortly after we did, bringing food and noise in with them. Soon thereafter, someone came by with a jar to collect money. I threw in a fiver and then it was time to start the show.

You see, this was an indie show, being hosted at someone's place. A bunch of people sat around on couches, while I prefered the hardwood floor. It's easier to get photographs that way. By the light of a very old lamp, we heard three sets of musicans play.

There was a guitarist who was coming down with a cold.

And a man from Paris, who did a whole bunch of odd things. Like shake a tape deck. Or whistle sweetly. Or crank a set of chimes that were operated by paper tape.

The last set involved a duet with a guitar and some other instruments. What's interesting is that Alden remarked about how music can still be performed in people's homes. Of course you don't need tapes and equipment and stages to make music.

Strange world it is, where people think music has to come from factories! And the recording industry hasn't even been around for that long. People's memories really are quite short, aren't they?


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(Deleted comment)
8th Apr, 2006 00:02 (UTC)
I've had a terrible memory for so long that I can't remember when it started!
(Deleted comment)
8th Apr, 2006 03:41 (UTC)
I suppose that explains my sunny disposition.
7th Apr, 2006 20:23 (UTC)
*That* sounded like a really indie show. I guess it wasn't the type of show to be announced in a free weekly, would it be?
7th Apr, 2006 23:58 (UTC)
No, it wouldn't be. In fact, I only heard about it on Monday night.
7th Apr, 2006 21:30 (UTC)
When I lived in Prince George, I had some friends that hosted indie music nights once a month. It's a small city, but they still managed to find quite a variety of talented musicians. Most would even play and/or sing their own songs. It's one of the things I miss about living there.
8th Apr, 2006 00:00 (UTC)
There are a lot of indie musicians here in town who do performances here and there. I'm sure that every weekend, somebody's doing something like this.
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