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Dinner party

  • 15th Apr, 2006 at 7:21 PM

I lost my computer, but I've found it again. Since I was without the Internet yesterday, I spent all of my afternoon preparing dinner. I had gorbash_dragon over, as well as my immediate boss and his lovely wife.

  • Minestrone with pesto,
  • Duck confit salad with a blood-orange and sorrel dressing,
  • Yorkshire pudding,
  • Roast beef with roasted potatoes, onions, and beets,
  • Cantaloupe and camembert,
  • Iced chocolate mousse with a strawberry compote.

It wasn't anything fancy. We even ate the pudding right out of the mixing bowl!


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(Deleted comment)
16th Apr, 2006 00:26 (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
16th Apr, 2006 05:07 (UTC)
Why yes! The table was set quite informally. We didn't even have sherry glasses for the soup, nor champagne flutes for the pudding.
16th Apr, 2006 04:54 (UTC)
Remind me that when I get back to Montreal, I want you to cook for me. :)
16th Apr, 2006 05:07 (UTC)
But of course! We'll have to celebrate your triumphant return.
16th Apr, 2006 06:45 (UTC)
What is yorkshire pudding?

and how could a six course meal not be fancy? :)
16th Apr, 2006 06:58 (UTC)
Yorkshire pudding is a fluffy, battered bread that's been baked in hot beef drippings. It's a very standard part of an English Sunday roast.

And this meal wasn't at all fancy. There weren't any servants to speak of.
16th Apr, 2006 07:02 (UTC)
You have an interesting definition of "fancy." :)
16th Apr, 2006 10:06 (UTC)
Ah, Roast Beef and Potatoes with Yorkshire pudding is one of my favorite dishes. We used to have it semi-regularly when I was much younger. I remember folks fighting over who got the dark brown crispy ends of the roast.

Sadly, both Yorkshire Pudding and Roast Potatoes are very high carb and so no longer on my normal diet.
16th Apr, 2006 21:52 (UTC)
Do you have a vegetarian recipe for Yorkshire pudding? I had some before I knew about the beef drippings, and I have been pining for it ever since.

17th Apr, 2006 05:13 (UTC)
You may opt to use butter-flavoured vegetable shortening instead of drippings.
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