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Montréal Biodôme

  • 18th Apr, 2006 at 5:56 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Ever since I've met gorbash_dragon, I've been bombarded with things to do. When I mentioned that I had yet to go to the Biodôme, I was informed that I had to go. Who am I to argue with someone who wants to show me things? So last Friday, I packed my camera and set off for Viau metro.

We met up inside the station and walked towards the zoo, which doesn't actually resemble a dome at all. We arrived rather early in the morning and already the lobby was swarming with children. We quickly paid for some tickets and walked inside.

There's a "tropical rainforest" inside that was pleasantly warm. Everyone else was taking off their coats, but I've been wearing a light jacket for a while now. There was lots of shrieking and screaming, again from the children, which meant that most of the animals were in hiding. I'm sure the animals are always stressed out on public holidays.

The temperature decreased gradually through the building as we moved towards more arctic environments. There was a simulated Laurentian forest, which had a noted lack of mosquitos. Then there were some aquatic exhibits and a whole lot of ice. The penguins were pretty popular, with people sitting down watching them swim about.

And throughout the entire ecosystem: ducks. The ducks were everywhere. I'm pretty sure ducks don't swim around in the antarctic ocean, but there they were, swimming about with the penguins.


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18th Apr, 2006 22:11 (UTC)
Nice pics, especially the frogs and the penguins (though I'm kind of biased as to the latter *g*).
19th Apr, 2006 03:06 (UTC)
Penguins are pretty adorable! They didn't seem to have a lot of room to move about though, as their tank was quite small.
18th Apr, 2006 22:13 (UTC)
do you know if the biodome lets you film? (well video?)
if so ive got to go!
19th Apr, 2006 03:08 (UTC)
They only asked me to refrain from flash photography. So I suspect that filming things is just fine.
19th Apr, 2006 04:16 (UTC)
great news :)
22nd May, 2006 17:15 (UTC)
18th Apr, 2006 23:05 (UTC)
I recommend also visiting the Insectaium. It's really close to the Biodome and you can purchase candy with real bugs. Creepy, exhilarating and tasty all at the same time!
19th Apr, 2006 03:09 (UTC)
I've been to the insectarium before. I did, however, refrain from eating overpriced candy.
18th Apr, 2006 23:09 (UTC)
ooh, I love these pictures :)
19th Apr, 2006 03:09 (UTC)
They were fun to take!
18th Apr, 2006 23:53 (UTC)
You know you can see ducks along the canal or elsewhere in the city in the real world.
19th Apr, 2006 03:10 (UTC)
It's true! I take photographs of ducks all over the place.

However, I'd never seen ducks hanging out in a tropical rainforest, nor in sub-zero waters. Yet, there they were. I think they're able to get from one exhibit to the next through underwater tunnels of some sort.

Or they walk.
(Deleted comment)
19th Apr, 2006 03:11 (UTC)
19th Apr, 2006 02:10 (UTC)
Hmm.. well, we had ducks in the Yukon, but they migrated for the winter. Antarctic sounds a little odd, though.
19th Apr, 2006 03:10 (UTC)
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