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Free Zone

  • 24th Apr, 2006 at 9:25 PM

I am really, really confused.

This movie, Free Zone, was much longer and more painful than it really had to be.

There could have been some plot outside of political allegory, right? I'm desperately raking my brain for something really subtle.



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25th Apr, 2006 01:40 (UTC)
It's possible you just went through an experience I'm told the plebians call a Bad Movie.
25th Apr, 2006 01:45 (UTC)
That's terrible! They allow those to exist?

People have to live through this?
25th Apr, 2006 03:28 (UTC)
If you want nice, beautiful movies that don't try to beat you over the head, go watch: "My Beautiful Girl Mari", or "Millenium Actress". Both are good enough to flush out the suffering of crappy flicks.
25th Apr, 2006 19:55 (UTC)
I rather liked Kadosh, but I haven't seen Free Zone.

Amos Gitai is more or less lactose-intolerant, only with "plot" instead of "lactose".
25th Apr, 2006 21:29 (UTC)
I don't knwo how to respond to that.
25th Apr, 2006 21:41 (UTC)
Deeper meaning of "knwo"?
25th Apr, 2006 21:44 (UTC)
Also, I'm thinking of going to see it tonight.
26th Apr, 2006 04:53 (UTC)
What did you think?
26th Apr, 2006 14:44 (UTC)
It is a likeable movie that tells a straightforward story simply and well. No deeper meaning.

The problem is that "simply and well" and "straightforward" make sense only in relation to the habits of the director and part of the audience. If you have seen at least one other Gitai movie, you know his habits well. If not, it is like hearing somebody give you an account of his moderately interesting day at the office in Hittite, with a thick Namibian-German accent and classical Arabic idioms.

As for the ending - the aw-shuck-it-all-and-end-it-with-a-high-school-movie-club-thing scene is a Godardian convention. No, really. It used to annoy me, until I realized that I was thereby playing into the hands of directors who do that. Now I just see it as a different way of saying "Konets Filma".
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