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  • 18th Jun, 2004 at 10:35 PM

I'm sitting in the Metro Coach Terminal again, this time with my laptop out. I figured I'd sit by the front window, facing Yonge St., to see if I can get some open wireless access point. Success!

Anyway, I'm heading to my convocation where I will endure a long ceremony to make my graduation official. I'm waiting in the terminal since my train was late, and I have missed my bus. The next one leaves at 23:30, so I will be arriving in Waterloo at 1:30.

Luckily, my friend Kevin Fong is probably a night owl. So I won't wake him up when I arrive, utterly exhausted from half a day of travel. Tomorrow morning, I will wake up to visit infohigh before renting all sorts of regalia necessary to avoid embarassment during the ceremony.


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19th Jun, 2004 04:16 (UTC)
congrats simon!
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