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Party Reminder

  • 5th May, 2006 at 1:14 AM

There's a party tonight and you're all invited.

The talented tygrbabe will be catering tasty vegan food. The lovely gorbash_dragon and I will be preparing much of the rest. If you plan to show up for dinner, please have $10 ready. If you're going to surprise me by being hungry, we should be able to manage something for you.

I suppose I ought to go to sleep or I'll never be able to organise this in time. Busy, busy, busy!


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5th May, 2006 05:36 (UTC)
Wow, makes me feel like I'm living in the wrong city!
haha, wish I could could make it!
5th May, 2006 21:31 (UTC)
You will if you move here. :)

Some other time, perhaps?
5th May, 2006 09:20 (UTC)
Hey Simon,

nice to see you looking moody and pouty in your picture!

nExt thing you know you will be wearing a hoodie with the rest of us!

I wish I could come to your lovely dinner party. I miss your wonderful cooking.


a girl in Lao
5th May, 2006 21:30 (UTC)
I wish you could show up as well. You'd totally enjoy it.
5th May, 2006 21:25 (UTC)
I'm toooo farrrr awayyyyyyyyyyy
5th May, 2006 21:30 (UTC)
Sadly, yes. Montréal is a bit of a hike for you, isn't it?
7th May, 2006 08:24 (UTC)
Was unable to attend
Sorry I wasn't able to make it! My last exam was from 19:00 'til 22:00 on the night of the party :(
7th May, 2006 08:25 (UTC)
Re: Was unable to attend
Err, signed Adam Zey.
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