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Debconf 6, Day 0

  • 16th May, 2006 at 5:01 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I was staying over at dcoombs's place on Friday night, which was very gracious of him. It also meant that I got a ride to the aeroport on Saturday morning, so that I could catch my 8:05 flight. After going through security, I waited for a bit and read a book. Then we boarded and waited on the tarmac for an oil filter change.

No kidding.

We took off and I soon fell asleep, as I was quite tired. By the time I woke up, we were flying over sunny Mexico. We landed at the aeroport, picked up my baggage, went through customs and ended up in the terminal. It was full of people with signs looking for their loved ones. I made my way past them and followed a sign that looked like it was for taxis. Along the way, I saw an HSBC and poked my head inside. I was slightly disappointed that nobody was speaking Chinese.

I bought a flat-rate taxi fare to the Terminal de autobuses in Tasqueña. The taxi driver, Bito, loaded my suitcase in the car and we were off. His English was non-existant so we spoke to each other with our hands. The rest of the time, I spent staring out the window.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Mexico City is bright and colourful! Everything has vibrant splashes of colour. There are huge fleets of old Volkswagon Beatles driving around, many of them operating as green taxicabs. We drove past shops and stores and the signs were hand-painted and awesome. When we got to the poorer communities, I started seeing tags on buildings, but then we drove past these huge murals spray-painted on large walls.

He let me off at the terminal and I bought a ticket to Oaxtepec. This was done through plenty of pointing and reading off of computer teminals. Then, I went out Gate 3 and walked into a mass of people.

Now, I'm used to people queueing up, but this was not a common concept here. I tapped someone on the should and asked how I could get on my bus. Giacomo introduced himself and tried to explain the system. But he eventually just talked to the ticket collector who let me on the same coach. I discovered that he had family who lived in Hamilton and invited him to look me up if he ever visited Montréal.

When we got to Oaxtepec, I staggered off the bus and picked up my luggage. Then I got un-carsick by sitting down on something stable. I was standing outside the front gates of the Centro vacacional Oaxtepec IMSS. I considered the long hike up a big hill, and then hired a cab that took me up to the Recepcion building where I got checked in. I dragged my luggage to the room and met Blars there. I picked out a bed amongst the five still available. I had finally arrived.


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16th May, 2006 21:10 (UTC)
If I remember correctly, I think they still make brand-new classic Beetles in Mexico. So those you are seeing wouldn't be so old after all!
16th May, 2006 21:39 (UTC)
Some of these look about twenty years old. The picture I took is of a cute new one, but the vast majority are rust-buckets.
(Deleted comment)
16th May, 2006 22:30 (UTC)
Yes, yes. Those would be awesome.
(Deleted comment)
17th May, 2006 14:00 (UTC)
But it's the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation! You sort of expect them to speak, at the very least, Mandarin.

It does get hazy in Mexico City, but it wasn't that hazy when I got there. Still, the air is thick enough to see some smog, even in Oaxtepec, and some people have been feeling it. Luckily, I seem able to run around in the heat and not be affected too much.
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