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  • 22nd Jun, 2004 at 12:03 PM

I've graduated from Waterloo now. I lined up for over two hours, and then sat through a three hour ceremony. Then I was dragged outside to have photographs taken of me. But I'm done! Now I have a very expensive piece of paper to show for it.

After my ceremony, we went and took care of certain social requirements: having dinner and dim sum with some select friends. I treated Dad to a birthday lunch, and had a chance to chat with my old buddy Derek Ng.

On arriving in Montréal, I had the pleasant surprise waiting for me. My replacment iron ring had arrived in the mail, just late enough to miss my ceremony. Alas! But at least this one is tight enough not to fall off.



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22nd Jun, 2004 16:26 (UTC)
Congratulations =)
You sound so relieved! =P
And btw, I did ask Lukas about your moving trip.. I hope mine doesn't end up being so disastrous. =)
22nd Jun, 2004 16:41 (UTC)
Re: Congratulations =)
You can even read about my trip, if you want.

Bon chance.
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